New TMP-Marian Administration Named

Kathy Taylor

Kathy Taylor

Two familiar faces are assuming leadership positions for TMP-Marian Junior-Senior High.

The Hays Catholic school today announced the administrative team of Kathy Taylor and Bob Leikam for the 2013-2014 school year.

Kathy Taylor has been a counselor and teacher for nearly 30 years at TMP-Marian. She will assume the role of lead administrator, passing on her current duties to a new counselor. Taylor’s administrative focus will be on the staff and activities for grades nine through twelve.

bob leikam

Bob Leikam

Bob Leikam is the current social studies teacher for TMP-M junior high students. His administrative duties will include supervision of the junior high staff and activities while retaining a part-time teaching schedule.

Leikam’s previous educational experience has been in the Victoria school district where he taught for many years and acted in the role of assistant principal for more than a decade. He is a 1975 graduate of Thomas More Prep.

“There was a long contemplative search for new administrators,” explains Fr. Daryl Olmstead, Pastor Designate. “In the end, the search committee felt that having persons familiar with the institution’s mission and religious values was a good fit.”

The Salina Diocese has approved the recommendation.

The TMP-Marian board will approve formal contracts in its June meeting. The administrative positions are effective starting July 1.


  • Uncle Thomas

    Nice…why did the other principal quit? Board members of TMP ran off the bookkeeper of 100 years with out communicating with the principal so he said adios…? I think it was they showed him complete lack of respect so he moved on…???

    • Did

      Either that or he got a better paying job back in Lawrence, closer to his wife’s family in Nebraska. Nah, the bashing sounds better, you’re right Uncle Thomas.

      • Uncle Thomas

        Okay…let’s sugar coat it. Why do you think he started looking? Shhh…I forgot this is the fine catholic folk they wouldn’t do that. Let’s sweep all the facts under the rug like we do with everything else that occurs.

        • congratulate

          Uncle Thomas, why don’t you try giving a pat on the back every now and then, you will feel better about yourself and others will see you as less of a target on Hays Post.

  • congratulate

    Instead of bashing, try congratulating Ms. Taylor and Mr. Leikam.

    • Uncle Thomas

      I am asking the truth be told! You must be one of the “everyone deserves a ribbon club”

      • congratulate

        I do not believe everyone deserves a ribbon, but I do believe not everyone deserves to be bashed by you! Why is it such a concern to you? Do you have kids attending TMP-M? Are you an alumni? Do you financially support TMP-M? The board has their reasons for letting the director of finance go and Mr. DeWitt has his reasons for leaving. This is a private school and so the board has no obligation to inform the public of their reasons. Mr. DeWitt pubilically announced his reasons for leaving, so we should accept his decision and move on. Before you ask, yes I do have kids attending TMP-M (both Jr. & Sr. High) and I am sad to see both gentlemen leave, and wish that something could have been worked out for whatever reasons for them to stay. However, I must accept the decisions made by all parties and move on to the next school year. With that being said, I feel the school made a great decision in promoting Ms. Taylor and Mr. Leikam to their new roles and look forward to what they have to bring as leaders to our school. Congratulations Ms. Taylor and Mr. Leikam. Also congratulations to Mr. DeWitt, Lawerance is getting a wonderful asst. principal and family! Best of Luck to Mr. Schmidtberger as well.