Sound OFF: Teacher Facing Charge for Carrying a Gun at School. Your Thoughts?

A Kansas teacher is facing a misdemeanor charge for carrying a concealed handgun on school premises. His Attorney says he has a state-issued concealed-carry concealed-car.jpg
permit. Do you want a teacher carrying a gun at school?  Tell us in the comment section below.


Current state law prevents anyone other than law enforcement officers from carrying a gun into a school if a sign banning guns is conspicuously posted.
The state Legislature passed a law this year that allows school districts to designate an employee to carry a gun.

Thirty one-year-old Daniel C. Nagel was arrested May 20 at White Elementary in Wichita on suspicion of carrying a concealed gun on school property. District officials say Nagel is on paid administrative leave. His first appearance in Municipal Court is July 8.

  • Danny

    I read this teacher just wanted some protection. However, we don’t need more guns in classrooms.

  • Iam

    Small, rural schools can’t afford armed guards and when seconds count the police are only minutes away. Let the school choose which teachers can carry in school. They would be required to have a concealed carry license and could be required to have additional training. With that comes a huge responsibility.

  • hmmmmm

    I am all for the conealed and carry permits, but this teacher having a state issued permit should have known better than to carry the gun on school property. I feel the schools should allow teachers to carry guns ONLY if they have went through extensive safety training, and have a state issued permit.


  • A

    While i am for allowing conceal carry in schools. He should have known better then to carry.

  • Interested

    Did this school have a sign banning guns conspicuously posted? I have not read one article yet stating they did or did not.

    Rules are rules. If he gets a pass then the students know the rules are not taken seriously.

    Personally, I think teachers that meet qualifications should be able to C.C. The case at hand though does not pertain to personal feelings. The case at hand currently questions if the school had that sign posted correctly and if Mr. Nagel was truely packing. A “yes” answer to both those questions is going to demand repercussions for his disregard for rules.

    We need educators that teach by example. Teaching that the rules do not apply to them out of personal beliefs or fear for the what ifs are not conclusive of a good teaching environment.

    My opinion only. Your mileage may vary.

  • The Problem is

    I have no problem with Legal Concealed Carry by Teachers in our Schools. Problem is, more and more, they are not our schools. The Feds seem to think they own them. The State Law requires Posting with the official gun sign and “Conspicuously Posted” meaning “every outside entrance at the eye level of an adult within 12 inches of either side of the entrance.” Any missed door means this fellow was not in violation.
    The Federal Gun Free School law passed in 1992 says no guns within a 1000 feet of the school. I pity this fellow being the test case either way.

  • Gun Nut

    I have been in education for a long time and for the most part, the co-workers I have that want to bring a gun to school have the maturity of the students they teach. I do not have a good answer to ensure our schools are perfectly safe in an imperfect world, but I do believe that violence is the last resort of the incompetent. Then again, perhaps teachers doing the killing in the name of self-defense is what the people consider to be an acceptable solution. I hope there is a better solution than this for our kids.