Police Make Arrests During Friday’s Sobriety Checkpoint

Police - Hays 001

Officers of the Hays Police Department conducted a sobriety checkpoint Friday, June 14th, in the 2800 block of Vine Street. The check lane was held between 11:45 pm and 2:45 am.

The purpose of this checkpoint was to improve the safety of our community by identifying impaired drivers and removing them from the roadway. Ninety-seven (97) motorists were contacted during this event; eleven (11) motorists suspected of driving under the influence were given on-site sobriety tests. Three (3) drivers were arrested for Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol. One driver was cited for Transporting an Open Container of Alcoholic Liquor.

Efforts were made to minimize the interruption of traffic flow. The average length of time for drivers stopped in this checkpoint who had not been consuming alcohol was 17 seconds.

This event was conducted in accordance with the Kansas Department of Transportation “I.D.D.P.” – Impaired Driving Deterrence Program.


  • lostinhays

    Hays cops and court system good at convicting dui’s. But can not convict the real and major crimes of Hays the past 10 years

    • GHJ

      Who have they failed to convict? Are there a bunch of lawless dirt bags out there we don’t know about?

      • http://hayspost Not litigious

        The football players that killed Clint Johnson comes to mind. The slap on the wrist they gave the guy who burned down T-Bones, the joke of a plea that was given to the illegal alien that shot officer Schulte, the 100 month plea deal for the 18 year old rapist, and the blatant recidivisim we read about on the arrest log reading the same names over and over. Granted you asked who we failed to convict and some of those were convictions, however the argument can be made that the County Attorney’s office has Not acted in the best interest of it’s citizens.

  • tatslady

    If you drive through a checkpoint while you’ve been drinking, you DESERVE to get busted.

  • Uncle Thomas

    It is called PREVENTION “lostinhays”! If they arrest DUI’s then hopefully they will not work fatality accidents. Not a peace officer, but would imagine they would rather cite one million dui’s vs. working the fatality accident!

  • Nephew

    I agree with Uncle Thomas. DUI is breaking the law, plain and simple. If your are a drinking driver you may think it is the law enforcement looking for something to do, but for every DUI you catch, you stop what could be far worse. I’ve worked fatality car wrecks from DUI drivers. I’ve lost a few friends to DUI drivers. I have no sympathy for their punishment. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

  • hahahahaha

    illegal search+lawyer=no charge

    • Uncle Thomas

      You are talking out your arsh!

  • tired

    Uncle Thomas, do you sit at this website all day and night? You’ve got a comment for literally every single article, while I do agree with you 50% of the time, the other half just gets straight up annoying. You should change your name to uncle talk sh*t, you’re hiding behind a false name anyways, why not make it more accurate? Just throwin that out there :)

    • Uncle Thomas

      “tired” thank you for the 50% approval rating! a majority of my comments are based on actual consulting experience. I am not sitting here offering an opinion on a theory I once studied via a professor who failed at business so he became a teacher after the insurance or real estate world rejected him…hope that is in the right order.

  • Frank

    I wish people cared half as much about the erosion of the 4th amendment as they do the 2nd amendment.