G-E Wheat “Isolated” Case, Says Local Weed Scientist (VIDEO)

green wheatThe genetically modified wheat  found in Oregon last month is an  “isolated event,” according to the USDA.

“USDA has neither found nor been informed of anything that would indicate that this incident amounts to more than a single isolated incident in a single field on a single farm,” the agency said in a statement issued Friday.

“All information collected so far shows no indication of the presence of GE (genetically engineered) wheat in commerce.”

Phil Stahlman, weed scientist at KSU Ag Research Center in Hays, says major markets, such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan, have postponed imports of U.S. white wheat as they continue to study information from U.S. officials:

USDA’s investigators have interviewed the person who harvested the wheat as well as the seed supplier; and reviewed samples of the wheat seed sold to the producer, and samples of the producer’s wheat harvests.  All samples collected so far, including those  from 200 area growers near the genetically engineered wheat field, have tested negative.