County to Discuss Hiring New Staff at Special Meeting

Monday, June 17, 2013 1:30 PM 601 Main Street Meeting RoomEllis County Logo
Special Meeting Order of Business
A. Call to Order
B. Clerk Calls the Roll
C. Approval of Agenda
II. Budget Session
A. Discussion of Scanning Project
B. Discussion of Relocation of GIS Office within County
C. Discussion of Personnel Requests and Pay Issues
1. New Positions
a. Attorney was authorized to hire another attorney and legal assistant effective July 1, 2013. This is in the draft, but is not in the 2013 budget.
b. Sheriff is requesting four new jailers. This is in the draft budget distributed.
c. Dick Klaus and Bill Ring are each requesting a 1⁄2 time administrative assistant. This is in the draft budget also.
d. County Administrator – Administrative Assistant
D. Discussion of Capital Improvement Plan
E. Discussion of Departmental Budgets
1. Commission
2. Administration
3. Clerk/Election
4. Treasurer
5. Appraisal
6. Coroner
7. Buildings & Grounds
8. Information Technology
9. Register of Deeds
10. Communications Center
11. Sheriff
12. Jail
13. EMS
14. Emergency Management
15. Attorney
16. District Court
17. Road & Bridge/Weed Control/Environment/P&Z
18. Health
19. Fair
20. Rural Fire
21. Parks and Recreation Fund
21. SB50-911
F. Discussion of Projects/Debt Service
1. GO Bond Debt Service – Paid out of Transfer from General Fund
2. PBC Bond Debt Service – Paid out of Transfer from General Fund
3. PBC Sales Tax Bond Debt Service – Paid out of Sales Tax Revenues
G. Discussion of Transfers/Subsidies

  • ????

    I thought the County Admin was suppost to save us money, now he wants a assistant? We just Voted Dick & Bill a brand new huge building…….now they want a assistant too? Do they think this money grows on trees?????

  • voter

    Really??? assistants now??? where does it end?

  • BB

    All Four can drive around now. On us.

  • SCBA

    Why don’t we save that money on Admin Assistants and buy some decent SCBA (air packs), the ones now are from the 1980’s, which Swede promised he would get us new ones years ago, but we are getting a new station in Hays instead……..yah!!!!!!

  • http://asdfasd idiots

    Dick do you want the county to take care of your wendys bill everyday too? Start learning to spend the money on firemen instead of driving you back and forth to Schoenchen everyday when that vehicle gets used for maybe 10% fire related stuff. I know the gear those guys wear is probably not certified anymore and they dont get any of the nice air tanks or equipment. But your ass drives around in heated leather seats though.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Is the moral in the rural fire department…ummm, in need of improvement. I have seen the rural fire chief drive around for years. I have seen the rural fire chief work on personal interests all day. I have seen…maybe the rural fire chief is a bit too comfy in his job and it is time for a replacement! My guess would be if the two gents wanting to share an assistant would step up their productivity from 30% per day to 50% per day they could probably complete their administrative responsibilities and help another department.