Protesters Rally outside Kansas Politician’s Home

A mob protesting against deportation of illegal immigrants descended Saturday evening on the home of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach

Protesters outside the Kobach home Saturday night.

Protesters outside the Kobach home Saturday night. Photo by Josh Barnhart, Salina Post

Kobach’s tough stance on illegal immigration has made him a target among pro-amnesty groups.

There were approximately 100 protestors who surrounded Kobach’s Kansas City home in protest to Kobach’s stance. Kobach, his wife, and his four young daughters were not at home during the incident.

  • chris

    quick call the local INS officer

    • american

      You got it wrong ,the people protesting are the millionaires afraid they will lose their cheaply paid domestic help and factory workers

  • Classy

    Trespassing……..thats classy……I guess if don’t mind people entering the country illegally you don’t mind trespassing on private property either……which happens to be against the law as well.

  • voter

    They were really out of line showing up at the mans home. It’s one thing to protest at his office or on the capitol steps,but a persons home should be off limits , it becomes a form of bullying and intimidation at this point and they should all be charged and prosecuted for it.

    • Smithers,

      release the hounds.

  • hmmmm

    If they are arrested for trespassing (like the should be) then most of them will be deported (I would hope). This is a small part of our illigals we need to get sent back.

    If you dont like how the USA is run, then go back, I promise nobody is forcing you to stay here.


  • USA

    I agree with the protesters. The illegal immigrants should not be deported, they should have done to them what would be done to an American if they snuck into a foreign country. Imprisonment, in a flea bitten, roach infested, sewer for a predetermined amount of time which would be determined by the people of the states where the illegals decided to camp.