Representative Earns Praise

Boldra_SueRecognition has been given by Majority Leader Jene Vickrey (R-Louisburg) to state Representative Sue Boldra, (R-Hays), for her perfect voting record this session..

The 111th District freshman  participated in all 323 votes of the Kansas House during her first legislative term.

Boldra represents Hays, Munjor, Pfeifer, Victoria, and the west side of Antonino.



  • Voter

    Good Job Sue! Thanks for being there for us!

  • GHJ

    Yes good job for doing your job oh and thanks for voting to raise taxes on us!

    • american

      I thought she stood for the tea party , you know “TAX ENOUGH ALREADY”

  • Frank

    Antonino has a west side? The hardcore Antonino gangs must be feuding with all the east side Antonino rappers.

  • chris


  • Wha?

    All she did to get elected was bash her oponent. She lied, saying should would vote no if the state budget didn’t lower sales taxes like Mr. Suckback promised along with her.

    She’s a fool. With failed business’s as a part of her norm.
    Go, Sue.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Mrs. Boldra I don’t know about all the scuttlebutt the boys are talking about…thankful you replaced Igor.

    • american

      That’s right you don’t know any of the scuttlebutt they are taking about ,but you keep flapping you gums anyway, about nothing because you didn’t pay attention to her horse $hit when she ran for office. Voted blindly the party line , now its that’s all the scuttle butt about?

      • Uncle Thomas

        I don’t particularly care for her, didn’t vote for her, I wanted to make a few positive comments yesterday to see if I would be ridiculed…
        The power of suggestion theory…I am a horses arsh for several weeks now I play a different role and simpletons will still dislike me. The fundamentals of psych is such an enjoyable past time.

        • american

          nut job

  • chris

    I didn’t vote for her, mainly because I do not vote for women, they belong in the kitchen

    • Uncle Thomas

      Kitchen and the bedroom…barefoot and pregnant is that your idea Chris?

      • chris

        close to it. I just don’t believe women belong in positions of power. they do not have the intelligence or composer to conduct business without holding grudges or getting all emotional and playing the sex card or the race card. and yes I am white, and am glad to be considered a racist, sexist, and an all out bigot.

        • american

          With that attitude , I guess you will be single the rest of your life, but you will respond with , I’m married to a subservient wife now, thank you

  • the truth

    Great job ! Thank god you beat that clown that was in there.