Kansas County Seeks 6-month Delay of Concealed Carry

ccarry(AP) — Concealed weapons will not be allowed in public buildings in Shawnee County for another six months.

The council commission voted Thursday to seek a delay in a new state law that allows concealed-carry permit holders to bring weapons into public buildings, beginning July 1.

The law permitted local governments to seek a six-month delay until Jan. 1, 2014.

Before Thursday’s vote, Commissioner Kevin Cook said county leaders need time to consider all options.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports (http://bit.ly/196R53r ) Earl McIntosh, the 2nd Amendment chairman for the Kansas Libertarian Party, asked the commission not to seek the delay, which he said put people in public buildings at risk.

The commission would have to supply adequate security measures for each public property to be permanently exempt from the law.

  • Ryan

    Unless you plan on having armed security at every county building or metal detectors put in, which we all know you are not going to do due to the cost, stop delaying. Allow citizens to carry a concealed weapon if they are so licensed. The only people that abided by the gun free zone sticker crap are law abiding citizens.

  • http://hays.com Torn

    I am torn with this concealed carry into courts. I hear what you are saying Ryan however, there are so many volatile situations that go on inside the courtrooms. That some of them just might make a good man, make a bad decision. That type of thing would really be bad press for your cause. Your thoughts?

    • aaa

      That’s what they said about cc in the streets

    • Ryan

      I believe courtrooms, jails, and police/sheriff’s office would still be exempt from this.