July 4 Fireworks Decision in Ellis





June 14, 2013


Mayor Lyle Johnston called the meeting to order at 7:03 a.m. Present were Council members John Walz, John Leiker, Jolene Niernberger, Terry Redetzke and Steve Ferland.  Also present were City Clerk Amy Burton, Fire Chief Denis Vine and Police Chief Taft Yates. Council member Loran Gottschalk was absent.



Dustin Mattheyer

General Government: City Code

Mayor Johnston noted that the purpose of the Special Meeting was to discuss the consideration of sale and/or discharge of fireworks within the City of Ellis.

Councilmember John Walz began discussion by informing Council of the decision made by other surrounding counties on whether or not to allow the discharge of fireworks.

Mayor Johnston questioned if it was a conflict to allow fireworks while the City is currently in Stage 3 watering restrictions.

Fire Chief Denis Vine noted that it is not realistic to predict the weather conditions three weeks from now.  His recommendation is to not allow fireworks but if conditions improve, then to revisit closer to July 4th.

Councilmember John Leiker moved to adopt Resolution No. 494 making it unlawful for any person to discharge fireworks inside the City of Ellis.  Councilmember Terry Redetzke seconded the motion.  Upon a call from the Mayor for further discussion, Councilmember Walz noted that the Council should readdress the Resolution if the City would receive significant rain.  Chief Vine noted that a compromise allowing only ground fireworks and banning the aerial fireworks might be a possibility.  Police Chief Taft Yates asked the Council to please publish the decision in the official newspapers and other places around town to help inform the public.  Upon a call for a vote, the motion carried 5-0.


Councilmember Steve Ferland moved to adjourn the meeting.  Councilmember John Walz seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0.  The meeting adjourned at 7:10 a.m.

  • inkslinger


  • http://hayspost.com Fire

    BOOOO……….what will the fireman do for fun on the July 4th :(

  • No Sense

    The county allows them, so instead of fighting a small yard fire the people in these towns will be going out in the county and starting wheat fields on fire instead. Smart move small town. Sigh.

    • http://hayspost.com Fire

      Last I seen Ellis, Trego and Russell County are NOT allowing them. Where did you get your information?

      • Frank

        Last you seen? Not sure what you seen. But what I seen is Ellis Cowndy and Trego Cowndy allowed dem.

      • No Sense

        The COUNTIES did not ban fireworks or the sale of. The TOWNS have.

  • http://www.hayspost.com Grass VS Structure

    I would rather see someones pasture or wheatstubble burn out in the county that see someones house in town burn!!

  • countryboy

    Common sense would be not to shot them off cause I would hate to see drinking water wasted on fighting a fire cause some D.A. had to shoot some off and started a fire. Look what is going on in Colorado right now. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!

    • sir

      Trust me no one drinks the nasty overpriced water in Ellis

  • logical

    They are just fireworks. Yes, they are fun. But safety is more important. We are already on water restrictions in several counties. If a large fire happens, then a valuable resource is being used when it could have easily been prevented. I vote no personal fireworks and it shouldn’t be an issue, it should be common sense.

  • reasonable ole boy

    The very first celebration of Independence Day was in 1777, six years before Americans knew whether the new nation would survive the war; fireworks were a part of all festivities. We will always be in a drought. We need to stick to our roots and keep the traditions alive. There is always a chance of fire drought or not. Maybe we should ban cigarettes in all the counties. They are a major fire hazzard and I know not all smokers are “responsible” just my opinion

    • http://hayspost.com Seriously????

      Sticking to those roots includes slavery and Females not being allowed to vote. Give me a break.
      The City of Ellis has not allowed outside watering all summer…..lots of dried up lawns and dry trees for a fire to start…..get a strong, hot south wind around the 4th and that could be a disaster. I think they make the correct decision!