Did Sue Boldra Vote for A Massive Tax Increase?

Did I read that right? On May 30th State Rep. Sue Boldra was one of only eighteen members of the Kansas House to vote for a massive tax increase estimated at $767 Million over the next four years. Among other things the bill would have permanently raised the Kansas sales tax from 5.7 to 6.3 percent, cut the standard deduction for married couples from $9000 to $6500, and cut home mortgage and charitable contribution deductions by fifty percent.

And that’s the same Sue Boldra who only last fall, with her State Chamber-funded advertising, falsified and vilified Eber Phelps’ record, portraying him as some wild-eyed big-spending liberal because he voted for a temporary sales tax increase? Wow! No wonder many feel so cynical towards politicians.

Alan Jilka

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    the conservatives need to watch better when voting

    • Frank

      She’s getting old, she probably didn’t know what she was voting for.

  • Taxes

    Everybody wants to go to the party but nobody wants to foot the bill. Things cost money people, there needs to be a balance of ideologies between knowing where and when to cut taxes and curb spending (thank you republicans) and understanding that a dollar doesn’t buy what it used to and the need to increase the tax accordingly (thank you democrats) We need more people in power who understand that both sides of this have their flaws and strengths, and will take a stand and cross the aisle.