Check out the Gas Prices Around Town

Gas Prices in Hays for June 14.  Click on the picture for a closer look.

Gas Prices in Hays for June 14. Click on the picture for a closer look.

The latest fuel prices in Hays.

Average Cost To Fuel A Vehicle With a 15 Gallon Tank: $53.55
Last Week: $54.04 Last Month: $54.90 6 Months Ago: $46.99 Last Year: $50.88

  • Hamburgler

    Southside Convenience is always at the favorable end of this list if they would have bothered to add it.

    • must not

      They must not be on the morning call list. The gas providers in town use to call each other to see what each other was going to charge for fuel that day. I don’t know if that still goes on but I have seen it with my own eyes and hears.

  • BB

    Here we go again. Hays has screwed the public again. We need a cut rate station in this town. I go to Salina everyday and fill in Salina every day. Tonight they are 335 that is 14- 15 cents cheaper then here. Truthfully I fill very very little gas in this town. It burns me up the A Holes all have to set at the same price they have to be making a few Bucks right now. But I will keep doing what I’m doing.

    • Drew

      Are you kidding me?… Price Gouging is extremely illegal, no one would risk a felony just to make a few dollars more a day. Don’t blame those companies, it is simple supply and demand… When you buy it more often you can usually get the fuel prices at a lower cost than other places as they ramp up fuel production.

      • BB

        Hays comes down 1 penny every 3 days come on give me a break. Fuel is coming down not up.

        • passin_threw

          So BB since you know everything about the cost of fuel. Explain to the public where the fuel that comes to hays is brought out of and tell us how in relation to salina what the freight rate differences would be and how that would relate to fuel costs in hays