New Hays Firefighter


Tim Detrixhe, Firefighter, was recently promoted from Volunteer Firefighter within the City of Hays’ Fire Department.

Detrixhe has dedicated over a one year of service since he began his career as a Volunteer Firefighter in 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Tim!

  • Uncle Thomas

    Congratulations young man! Volunteered, committed to doing something he desires and did it!

    (Maybe he could have a talk with those on the police records column who only want to cause grief to themselves and society. The right choices in life lead to the right rewards.)

    My only comment is for the Fire Chief to purchase a quality digital camera and take a quality HD pic of these deserving hard working young men. Keep up the great job HFD!

    • haysian

      can you JUST say something polite and leave it at that.
      congrats, tim! :)

      • uncle thomas

        Darn it I tried, but my reputation is at stake!

  • Awesome

    Congrats Tim!

  • Darwin

    Congrats Tim!! As my name precedes me. There are plenty of people to keep you busy!! Way to go!!

  • http://hasyspost RD

    Thank you Tim, be safe in your duties.

  • Lisa Simpson

    Congratulations, bam bam.

    Mucho love.