Five injured in Thursday Interstate Crash

Five people were injured in a Thursday morning crash near Salina. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, “Danielle M. Roth, age 32, of Salina was driving Kansas Highway Patrol2009 Ford Focus 75 miles per hour on I-135 at mile marker 80 north bound, 8 miles south of Salina when she rear ended a 2005 Saturn traveling at 60 miles per hour, driven by 55 year old Lori D. Lawrence of Wichita.

Roth and Lawrence were transported to Salina Regional Medical Center along with  passengers in the Focus, 62 year old Paul C. Oberg, 57 year old Stormy C. Johnston, 55 year old Catherine R. Rayes, and 54 year old Sherry L. Whitmore  They were all from Wichita and all of them had been wearing seat belts.”

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  • http://hasyspost RD

    She probably had her mind some where else in outer space when her Focus should have been on Saturn.

    • WeeTodd

      LOL! Her Focus WAS on Saturn. That’s what the problem seems to be. Sounds like old people driving slower then the speed limit, although, I don’t recall what the minimum speed limit is.

    • uncle thomas

      Gentlemen…this is serious stuff! The Saturn hit Uranus due to their failure to Focus

      • http://hasyspost RD

        Lucky they were not all wiped out!!

        • WeeTodd

          We better write this down in the Captain’s Log.

      • WeeTodd

        Are you threatening me?!? I am the Great Cornholio!!! I need TP for my bunghole!!