Possible Hazardous Leak Contained at Good Samaritan Center

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.51.46 AM On Tuesday evening  on-duty City of Hays fire crews and police officers were dispatched to an automatic fire alarm at the Hays Good Samaritan Center; 2700 Canal Blvd.

While responding, information was received that there was smoke in the building and a general alarm was sounded for off-duty firefighters and Ellis County EMS to respond.

On arrival, firefighters found that air conditioning refrigerant had leaked and caused a smoke like mist that filled one wing of the building. Air conditioner refrigerant leaking into a confined space may be hazardous if it displaces the oxygen.

Following their emergency plan, Good Samaritan staff promptly relocated residents into safe areas while firefighters used smoke ventilation fans to remove the refrigerant vapors from the atmosphere. Working with the Good Samaritan nursing staff, Ellis County EMS paramedics surveyed the residents for medical concerns and found none.

The refrigerant vapors were quickly removed from the structure allowing the Good Samaritan staff to return the residents to their rooms. The City of Hays Fire Department would like to commend the Hays Good Samaritan staff for their professional response.