Hays Police Planning Checkpoint

Police - Hays 001Officers of the Hays Police Department will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint Friday, June 14th, in the 2800 block of Vine Street. The check lane will be held between 11:45 pm and 2:45 am.

The purpose of the lane is to improve the safety of our community by identifying impaired drivers and removing them from the roadway. Those motorists suspected of driving under the influence will be given on-site sobriety tests.

Efforts will be made to minimize the interruption of traffic flow, but many drivers will be stopped as part of this program.

This event is being conducted in accordance with the Kansas Department of Transportation “I.D.D.P.” – Impaired Driving Deterrence Program.

  • chris

    why don’t they ever have these check points on fort or ash streets? A few blocks on either side of main between 14th street and 5th street would be good locations for check points with the seven or so bars in that area.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Chris…please, there is not enough room in the jail!

    • hays sucks

      I agree 100 percent Chris..however, the check lanes have to be strategically placed to avoid people turning, backing up, etc…They could save alot of effort if these bar owners were more responsible and not so greedy..

  • A new point

    I guess that means take the back streets to IHOP after the bars close….

    • aaa

      Just don’t drive drunk, what happens when you kill someone?

  • chris

    I understand the concept of the placement of these check points, but the same scenario can be accomplished with strategically placed barricades coupled with more then just 1 check point in said area for a few hours. Yes it will cost some in manpower and possibly tax dollars paid out, but it will be worth it to give some of these habitual bar flies a wake up call.

    • uncle thomas

      Chris don’t be a know it all that is my self appointed position :) !

  • inkslinger

    DUI check points are against our constitutional rights as free citizens, just like border patrol checkpoints that 80 miles inside the united states, when you pull up to one roll down your window a little and answer no questions, it is your right !!!!!!!

  • http://hayspost Hays-ite

    I just wish that the local PD would QUIT announcing where the checkpoints are. They may as well just tell the drunks, “DON’T DRIVE PAST 28TH AND VINE FRIDAY NIGHT or YOU’LL BE ARRESTED, GO DRIVE DOWN ANY OTHER STREET YOU WANT TO AND HIT OR KILL THE PEOPLE ON THOSE STREETS “.

    I believe notifying the drunks is a bunch of B*LL-SH!T.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Not to be a know it all, but I believe it is a condition by which departments receive the monies. Think about it…the politicians needed to pacify probably MADD so they made monies available and then so they would not be caught they wanted it to be made public.