Former Jailer Files Lawsuit Against Sheriff’s Department

A former jailer has sued the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department claiming he was fired as retaliation for reporting a co-worker who repeatedly used a stun gun on a ellis county sherrif badgehandcuffed inmate.

Attorneys for David Vaughan of Hays filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday alleging violations under the Kansas Whistleblower Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Sheriff Harbin told Hays Post,” There is some history there. He was not fired he actually resigned and we are just going to let the attorneys and the courts handle this.”

The lawsuit says Vaughan filed a voluntary statement on March 7, 2011, alleging a jailer used physical force and a stun gun on the inmate.

The following month, Vaughan asked his employer for “reasonable accommodations” for his disabilities. He suffers from diabetes and depression.

Vaughan alleges he was fired in September 2011 due to his disability and for “whistleblowing.”


  • Uncle Thomas

    Folks this will be settled out of court to “save the tax payers money” or should I say to save the sheriff the embarrassment of mismanaging a department. Soon he will have twice the department to manage with no real experience. It would be interesting if the top five or six SO employees were to apply at….let say a Sedgwick county department if they would even be interviewed.

    • weeden

      Time will tell but I doubt it will be settled out of court. This jailer knew his limits when he was hired but later started demanding certain accommodations.

      • Uncle Thomas

        If the application form is up to date…meaning within the past 10 years the form will say can you do the job with or without accommodations, there will be a job description including the physical requirements and some type of physical capacity (or whatever the new buzz word is today).

  • EarlyBird

    Since when is diabetes a disability? Sounds like someone wanted special treatment and thought he would be above all the rules.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I would imagine the counties HR policies and procedures are more like “an ostrich’s head in the sand”. If we don’t do anything and ignore the matter this will go away. Poor, poor management…

  • ????

    Wow Uncle Thomas…….sounds like you just don’t like Mr. Harbin. Your statements sound very personal to me

    • hays

      havent you figured out that he doesnt like anyone but himself?

    • Uncle Thomas

      Not personal at all…I name the title of the position not the individual. Some things are so blatantly obvious. If one receives an education beyond high school, works for government and private sector, travels, resides in various countries it is very obvious the poor level of management. Then we have those that have a high school education, work as a jailer…no real management or law enforcement experience and morons vote them into office. Unbelievable from jailer to sheriff…well I think he was a dare officer in between. Do your homework.

      • Taxpayer

        The above post shows your ignorance.

        • Uncle Thomas

          Please elaborate…

          • american

            Read post above by taxpayer

      • american

        No ,you do your homework stupid a$$ hole, Ed’s a graduate of hays high class of 1972 and was student of fort hays state . just because he started at the bottom doesn’t make him dumb. And you get experience on the job , I swear every time you open your mouth ,you show what a fool you are

        • Uncle Thomas

          The metrics of the SO do not compare with any other department. The metrics are below average!
          I did not say the sheriff did not have a high school education. What I said is that is all he has…attending college does not mean squat. Job experience…showing up for work each day does not mean one gains experience. Name three major improvements the SO has seen in the last 12 months which are directly a result of the sheriffs leadership?

  • TD

    It doesn’t sound like there’s a management problem or a disability issue. Sounds like someone is attempting revenge for getting fired for perfectly good reason. My advice, take your punishment and quit being a little b***h.

  • DD

    Thanks Uncle Thomas we always wandered what the middle aged drug burnout position was on this. Just because you have spent multiple nights in the Ellis County Jail it doesn’t make you an expert on anything.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Sorry never been arrested.

      • american

        You can’t fool us.” How munch to do you want for stinky weed old man?”

      • american

        The only people that complain about Ed are the ones that never learn their lesion after their first night in jail

        • Uncle Thomas

          Simply not true.. never even had a speeding ticket.
          American what do you mean by “how munch…” and “lesion”? I think I am under your skin…!

          • passin threw

            i’m sure american only types words incorrectly to keep you on your toes….

          • http://hayspost american

            to stoned to drive?

  • hays sucks

    Hey Uncle Thomas..regardless of the jailers education level..they are protecting the count citizens for low wages and risking there safety in an old dangerous building.. they are over worked and understaffed..I have my doubts that you do anything with your life except make useless comments on every article on Hays’ve managed to make this your full time career

    • Uncle Thomas

      Please read my post again not talking about all the jailers.

      • http://hayspost american

        so just Ed $ucks, everybody else is ok? sounds like maybe you are a pi$$ed off jailer wanting ed’s job

  • Taxpayer

    Uncle Thomas, did you place a vote in the last Sheriff’s election? If so, who was on the ballot,

    • Uncle Thomas

      unopposed… I know.

      I did a write in for the former KBI Director who is now living in the area.

      • american

        So once again what do you have against Ed ? You wrote in someone that had no chance to win over Ed. O well people stupidly voted for huelscamp just because he was the only one on the ballot