Starting to Stand Tall

fhsu wind turbinesThe erection of Fort Hays State University’s two 400′ wind turbines is underway southwest of Hays.

Crews have been assembling the base pieces this week.  This morning they’re working on the cradle; blades will be going up later today, according to Project Engineer Tristan Shell-Spurling with PNE in Longview, Washington

The turbines are west of the university’s Super DARN radar array, near the intersection of 210th Avenue and Golf Course Road.

They will provide energy directly to campus, and their combined energy output will cover roughly 97% of energy consumption on campus.

The project includes 3.5 miles of underground transmission line from the turbines to the FHSU Akers Energy Center. Fiber will be buried adjacent to the transmission line, allowing FHSU staff to monitor and control electricity production to meet campus needs.

FHSU cradle lifting FHSU attaching the cradle

  • Scared out of my mind!

    I am already having flicker-effect seizures. And the dead birds. My God the dead birds!

    • http://hasyspost RD

      I have been sick to my stomach ever since they started construction, i hate to see how i will feel once they start turning in the wind!!!
      The dead birds are sure to attract many coyotes and foxes which will probably start killing livestock in the area… the dead livestock carcasses will attract vultures that will be killed by the turbines which will attract more coyotes and foxes….a vicious circle of life and death by wind turbine has started!!!

      • don

        Foxzilla apparently

    • http://ea ?

      If they get 45% they will be lucky.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Crunch those numbers one more time…97%. Does that include all buildings on campus? Student housing, Gross, university farm, president’s residential therm set at 68 in the summer :)…

  • Hmmmm…

    If Dr Hammond wanted these things so bad, and he doesn’t mind the way they look, why are these turbines not closer to town, like on campus? 98% of the campus will run on these 2 turbines??? ~~what a joke!

  • Frank

    Zoning regulations which Ed has no control of. Where did you come up with 98%?

    • Hmmmm…

      97%~~~sorry. From the article above. It won’t even be close!