KSHSAA Splits 4A Postseason


Click here to take a closer look at the State's 4A schools and enrollment #s from 2012-13

Click here to take a closer look at the State’s 4A schools and enrollment #s from 2012-13

In Accordance with the memo and ballot mailed April 30, 2013, the voting on Class 4A post-season competition in two separate enrollment divisions as proposed by the Big Seven League has now been completed.  Forty Two (42) schools voted in favor of two divisions, twenty two (22) schools voted in opposition.

Based on sixty four (64) Class 4A member schools the proposal needed 33 votes to pass. That requirement has been met and the proposal as been adopted. Accordingly, the change to Classification of Senior High Schools Rule 5 Section 2, Article 1, approved by the Board of Directors last April by a vote of 35-27, will become effective in the 2013-2014 school year in volleyball, basketball, softball, and football in 2014.

KSHSAA Handbook Rule 5, Section 2, Article 1 will be modified by adding the following exception.

Class 4A Exception: Class 4A schools shall compete in two separate divisions for postseason and KSHSAA state basketball championship competition in the following activities: football, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball.

Following the annual classifications and determination of schools assigned to class 4A, the half of the schools with the larger enrollments will be assigned to Division I and the half of the schools with the smaller enrollment will be assigned to Division II. If class 4A has an odd number of schools, Division I will be assigned one more school then Division II.

Since the origin of this proposal, KSHSAA staff have been working to identify host sites necessary to facilitate this new Class 4A format. That process is ongoing.

Gary Musselman

Executive Director


  • hmmmm

    WHY!!!!! all this does is make it an already watered down sports divisions in kansas. Some states have only 2 division total. Now we are going to have 2 state champions in 4A C’Mon can you really call yourself a state champion if you are not even the best in your own class.

    • remember

      I agree wholeheartedly! I understand the two divisions in 1A where there are over 100 schools competing, but not this!