Book Review – Louise: Amended

Book Review – Louise: Amended (Author Louise Krug)Louise Amended

A beautiful young woman from Kansas is about to embark on the life of her dreams—California! Glossy journalism! French boyfriend!—only to suffer a brain bleed that collapses the right side of her body, leaving her with double vision, facial paralysis, and a dragging foot. An unflinching, wise, and darkly funny portrait of sudden disability and painstaking recovery, the memoir presents not only Louise’s perspective, but also the reaction of her loved ones.

Louise Krug shamelessly takes you inside her early twenties, when she experienced something that most people don’t ever expect to happen to them. What was it like for her boyfriend when he had to start bathing her? How do her parents cope? Krug then leads you through how she ultimately overcomes her destiny and embarks on a life more full than she could have imagined at 22.

5 out of 5 stars.

Marleah Augustine is the Adult Department Librarian at the Hays Public Library

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