TMP-Marian Grads Reminded, “You will be Tested.”

It was a warm windy Sunday for commencement exercises at Thomas More Prep-Marian. The class of 2013 heard from former instructor Fr. Fred Gatschet. He told the class that their faith would be tested in the years ahead and probably sooner than they expected.  (click on the photos above for a closer look)

The Presidential Medal for Academic excellence was presented to Allison Pfeifer. Sam Schmidt received the Monarch Service Citation.

Three senior students, Adam Urban, Emily Leiker, and Ross Werth were nominated for the Thomas More Medal of Excellence; the highest award the school gives. Leiker was presented the award.

Allison Pfeifer and Ross Werth gave the passing of the torch speeches and presented a special gift to principal Bill DeWitt. Pfeifer told those assembled in Al Billinger Fieldhouse, “We look forward to what we’ve worked so hard for, our futures.”

  • Hayspost should be tested (for spelling)….

    TMP has been in existence since the St. Joseph Military Academy/St. Francis Seminary merger in 1972. By now, everyone (especially local journalists) should know how to spell “More” as is Sir Thomas More, the famous statesman and saint.

    Congratulations graduates!

    • Hayspost

      We have corrected it. Appreciate the help. We knew it and our Sunday reporter just missed it… thank you!

      • Not Quite…

        You corrected it in one place, but not all!

    • Larry

      That’s not as bad as the TV reporters at state track saying ‘tmp’ as a word. When saying TMP MARIAN.

  • Tested

    I find it amazing how quickly after leaving a parochial institution people realize what hogwash it all was to begin with. One last attempt to try to get that brainwashing to stick.