State Art Plan Falls Short

Dear Arts Advocate,kansas arts logo
The Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (KCAIC) submitted its State Arts Plan to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) this month.  You can read a copy of it by clicking here.
If the State Arts Plan is approved by the NEA, the state may be eligible for matching federal funds.  Federal funds are critical to the arts in Kansas, as every dollar spent by the state for approved arts programs is matched by the NEA.
While some arts advocates participated in the planning process — although less than 100 people across the state attended a planning meeting —  this plan raises several questions:
1.  How can the KCAIC implement this plan with an annual budget of $200,000, particularly when approximately half of that is allocated to agency staff salaries?
2.  Does the KCAIC have a strategy to increase funding and staff to implement the plan?
3.  What are the plan priorities?
4.  How will success be measured?
Artists, arts organizations and communities want funding, professional development and leadership — and with a reduced budget of $200,000 and a possible federal match of $200,000 — this plan cannot do that.
Contact your state legislator today!
Henry Schwaller
Chair, Kansas Citizens for the Arts