SOUND OFF: Scouts Vote to Allow Gays to Become Members.

Changes are coming to the Boy Scouts.

The organization announced Thursday that they will allow openly Gay boys to join. Some critics say that being Gay contradicts the religious views of the Scouts.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 6.19.21 AMThe change is only for Scout members. Gay leaders are still banned from the organization.

Are the Boy Scouts doing the right thing? Is the change a good idea?  The White House issued a statement last night saying President Obama welcomes the Scout’s decision.  Tell us what you think of the decision in the comment section below.


  • Nancy

    It was time. Nothing wrong with this decision. It should have been made years ago.

  • Tshock

    Good Job BSA!!!

  • Kids are kids

    No matter how you feel about it, which i personally believe it’s an equality issue-kids are kids. Let them be and I really liked the BSA’s statement.

    An excerpt: “While people have different opinions about this policy, we can all agree that kids are better off when they are in Scouting. Going forward, our Scouting family will continue to focus on reaching and serving youth in order to help them grow into good, strong citizens. America’s youth need Scouting, and by focusing on the goals that unite us, we can continue to accomplish incredible things for young people and the communities we serve.”

  • backhoe

    Absolutely ridiculous! Another major group bowing to public perceptions. Too bad their leaders don’t have the strength to do whats right.

    • Proper decision

      Ban kids from a kids organization? How is that right?
      That’s like banning Catholics from the Catholic Church.

      Your just a bigot. Simple as that. Go put on your white sheets and ride your horse down some other strech of road.

      • A

        Ahh yes, the name calling. Some one else has a different view then you so that must make them a sheet wearing bigot. So what does name calling make you?

        Back to the the article. I am a eagle scout and i am dissappointed in this decision. I would never had stayed in my troop if they would have changed this why i was still in scouts.

        • Wintermute

          I’m honestly interested in why you feel that gay people dont deserve the same treatment as the rest of us? No trolling or disrespect intended but what does it matter if a kid is gay?

          • A

            Well when boys and girl scouts are at the same camps they segerate them into differenct camp sites. So now what are they going to do. Allow gays and non gays to sleep in the same tents? What happens if a gay assaults a non gay? Is it the leaders fault? I also have a objection from a religious stand point. I want to thank you for asking my reasoning and not just attacking my position. That seems to be a rare occurrance these days.

        • Anon

          As an Eagle myself, I applaud the decision and say it’s about time. The Boy Scouts was and is supposed to be all-inclusive, not just boys that fall in line with the “we vs. they” attitudes of a homophobic society. This decision falls in the spirit of Baden-Powell’s original plan and, in fact, almost in his belief system itself as he was a known closet homosexual. Just set iver yourselves already, people. Let ALL boys learn how to tie knots. Really?

          • Wintermute

            Scout Law

            A Scout is:
            Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
            Friendly, Courteous, Kind,
            Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty,
            Brave, Clean, Reverent

            I assume that means to everyone. I’m happy to hear all kids get the opportunity to learn from the scouts!

        • Reality Check

          Less than 9% of rapes in this country are of male victims and only 12% of rapists are under the age of 18. Add to that the fact that male on male rape is much rarer than male on female rape (though there are fewer statistics as males rarely report rape of any kind) and your concern about “attacks” is quite illogical. There is more danger of a married pedophile scout leader than that a fellow scout will be a danger.

      • SoundGuy

        I have to agree with Proper decision! If you think about it. What would you say if the question was brought up about the Boy Scouts allowing only young boys that are white? Most of us will feel offended…Right? Right!!! So, we have young boys from all ethnic backgrounds…Okay now…Some of these young boys are a part of different religious denominations…Does that make it right to hinder those youth that are of atheist descent? Afterall, the Boy Scouts code of conduct centers around God and Country….Maybe or Maybe not!!! Then finally, you have those young boys who want to become cubscout, webeloes, and etc. Oops I’m sorry,,,you’ve got a cold, and you have a very grave illness (Cancer), and you over there are blind and cannot see….In your own mind.,…would you do that intentionally to someone. Most likely not!!! So I understand in the long run with the Scouts…about there long term mission….Its not about what you and I think…Its about making sure that “every” boy has the chance to become a part of scouts. Scouting is fun…It wouldn’t be fun if Jeffrey had to stay at home from the Scout Jamboree, because he was very different from the rest of us…That would definately make it very wrong. In the end…we as adults will find ourselves apologizing to these boys for our mindless thinking!!!

  • Concerned Parent

    Pro or con, WHY is sex even a part of ANY childrens organization?? Maybe if we quit over-sexualizing our children we wouldn’t have to worry if a child is gay or not. Its ridiculous that a childrens organization has to even address this issue in the first place.

    • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

      I applaud your post. Concise and succinct.

    • Reality Check

      Because it’s something you are born with that should not have to be hidden like it’s wrong. It’s not wrong, it just is. What you call “over-sexualizing” I would say is more a case of objectifying, seeing people as objects that only have sexual value, none other. If we teach our children that sexuality is something like brown hair, blue eyes or other genetic traits, then we remove the “shame” factor. People are people whatever their sexuality and they shouldn’t have to hide their real selves because of it.

      • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

        Although I agree with the sentiment of your post no one should be derided, demeaned, or disparaged based on their sexual orientation, I believe you have broken the law of identity in that “A is A”. The original post was in context to sexualization not sexuality. To sexualise is to make or become sexually aware or to give or acquire sexual associations. Far too often in today’s society adults project their sexual fears, angst, and bias onto children much to young to comprehend the significance.

        • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

          A good post with a positive message Reality Check.

        • Reality Check

          My point was that gay or straight should be as “sexualized” as boy or girl. What the poster above gives the impression of is that we are discussing sex acts and the like, when it’s not true. No one should have to pretend to like boys or like girls because of people that are “afraid” of differences. Allowing openly gay troop members simply means that it’s okay if John likes boys instead of girls. He has no need to hide it. No one is talking about making it sensationalized, unless the people that fear it do so, it won’t be.

          • Concerned Parent

            ho·mo·sex·u·al·i·ty noun
            sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one’s own sex.

            This is the point I was making with my original post. The definition of gay IS about sex. WHY are children even concerned about sex? Because society has made it way too important! I for one as a parent am trying my hardest to keep my children innocent and unaware for as long as I can. This is why I do not get why this is even an issue in a childrens organization! The Scouts were supposed to be about learning life skills, etc. not about sexual issues. It is frustrating as a parent that the organizations we used to be able to use for our children to learn and have fun have become so enamored with being PC that the original purpose is missing. I just want to be able to have my children involved in something without have sex come into it. Period.

          • Concerned Parent

            And by keeping my children innocent of sex, I mean sex of any nature. They are children, they do not need to know about sex yet. Let them be kids!! They can grow up and deal with sex later. For now, let them be innocent and just be a kid!

    • Reality Check

      Seriously??? Every little kid has a boyfriend or girlfriend or something. Even I, at the tender age of 5, did so, even though you really don’t know anything about that kind of love at that age. I’m nearly 50 now, so I would say that you are living in a dream world.

  • BSA for life

    Its about time. I was a proud boy scout when I was younger and Im even prouder now that they made this decision.

  • A new point

    As a former leader, I have mixed emotions on this issue.
    Around here, I think it would cause problems in the troop.
    What will they do next, come up with an interior design merit badge?

    • Anon

      And THIS is why I would never, ever allow my kid within 100 yards of your ignorant, simplistic radius. I’m not afraid of them catching the gays from other kids, I’m afraid of them catching the stupids from people like you.

  • A new point

    Another resorting to name calling when another’s opinion differs….

    • CR

      Some opinions don’t deserve respect like the Westboro Baptist Church, or the KKK. The WBC and KKK have every right to say it, but doesn’t mean you have to respect it. You made a comment labeling all gays as liking a feminine hobby like interior design. Anons opinion is that you are ignorant, Their opinion is a comment on your opinion, get over it and stop playing the victim card.

  • wesker72

    I really do not believe this should even be an issue in the Boy Scouts, does not seem like it is an issue. Sort of like Barney discussing homosexuality in my children’s DVDs. I personally do not feel like a male or female is born gay, just an opinion. So let the name calling begin…bigot, homophobe, whatever you like to call someone who disagrees w/ you.

    • Reality Check

      So, then, if you choose your orientation, tell me about the day you chose to be straight.

      • wesker72

        I think we are male or female by biology, heterosexual or homosexual through behavior…however, after some thought, there could be some genetic “tick” that alters this in a small minority of people. I did not say I knew the answer, just what I thought or felt was to be true.

        • Reality Check

          If it is a choice, then you have to choose to be straight or choose to be gay. There are “identical” twins that have been raised equally in loving homes where one is straight, the other gay. In those cases, in particular, there is a strong case for no “nurture” cause. Therefore, you are looking at a genetic component, in other words, you are born that way.

          • Briggs

            I understand what you are getting at, but I believe, and it may just be me, that like anything in human nature you can be born that way, you can choose to be that way, or your surroundings can effect you so you become that way. That is with most things in life. I am not saying ‘that way’ just to represent homosexuality. It is even with any sexual behavior, academics, socially even things with your body. I do believe, however, no matter who we are, we are human. We need to just have respect and tact and things like being gay in BSA would not be an issue. The bottom line is there are things that have no sure answer, and no matter how many studies they do they will never be able to say exactly why Billy is gay or why Sally is a lesbian. We will just know that they are the way they are.

  • wesker72

    Are people born with heterosexual or homosexual desires?” I do not know for sure. How would anyone know if your feelings are the result of nature or nurture or some combination? It’s certainly possible that there’s some kind of genetic component to heterosexual sexual desires. Since we are clearly designed to propagate, and since the vast majority of people have heterosexual desires, they would seem to be part of our normal design. I think you can “try” to raise two children (twins) as equally as possible, but I do not think it is possible for the treatment to be the same; no matter how hard you try…if that makes any sense.

    • Reality Check

      Did it ever occur to you that, possibly, homosexuality is part of nature’s way of population control?? We have a planet that is nearly at capacity population. Also, you can be assured that gay partners will not reproduce, but many of them take in children that otherwise would bounce around in foster care or have impoverished lives overseas. I’d also say to you that 90% of the gay people I know have told me they would have done almost anything when they were kids to be “normal” and I think that allowing openly gay children into scouts is a great way to help them feel like their sexuality is NOT the only thing anyone cares about…. that they have value that has nothing to do with it. To me, that’s the core of the issue here. You tell a child that being gay is bad and they aren’t allowed to do the things straight kids do if they let anyone know, and you are telling them that they are bad, worthless, inferior, and somehow “less” than the other kids. Watch “Love is All You Need?” and think:

  • Eagle Scout

    This decision is the beginning of a slippery slope that will make scouting a far less valuable and far less respected institution in my books. Here’s one more morally sound organization being polluted by the liberal agenda.


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