Kansas House Set to Vote on New Tax Plan

(AP) ā€” The Kansas House will consider a new tax plan drafted by top Senate Republicans to impose a lower sales tax on food but keep the tax on all other items at ks capitol6.3 percent.

The House’s debate was set for Friday morning after senators approved the measure Thursday evening on a 24-15 vote.

The measure would lower the state sales tax on groceries to 4.95 percent in January.

If House members approve the plan, it will go to Republican Gov. Sam Brownback. He has promised to sign it.

The 6.3 percent sales tax is scheduled by law to drop to 5.7 percent in July.

But Brownback wants to cancel most or all of the decrease to stabilize the budget while Kansas cuts individual income taxes.


  • Outter Limits

    Define food please. Does it include cleaning supplies, pet food, and items such as aluminum foil? Hope all the multifaceted places like WalMart and Dillon’s as examples can get the computers to keep it straight at the check out.

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