House Rejects Senate Tax Plan

state-capitol(AP) – Kansas legislators were resuming negotiations on tax issues after the failure of a plan from top Senate Republicans.

House and Senate negotiators’ meeting Friday came after the House voted 109-5 against a Senate GOP to lower the sales tax on groceries to 4.95 percent in January.

The plan also would have kept the sales tax on other items at 6.3 percent. The Senate approved the measure Thursday evening on a 24-15 vote.

Gov. Sam Brownback wants to cancel most or all of the decrease to stabilize the budget while Kansas cuts individual income taxes.

Both chambers adjourned until Tuesday, guaranteeing that the Legislature’s annual session will last at least 95 days, five more than the state constitution specifies. Each extra day is costing taxpayers up to $45,000.

  • Outter Limits

    What a bunch of twerps. It shouldn’t cost taxpayers any more money if the legislature can’t do their job. Everyone associated with the legislature should be deemed as professionals and salaried. If it takes more days, there is no extra pay, just like real professional employees.

  • bluekansas

    GOP tax plans would increase taxes on low-wage Kansans, decrease taxes for high-income Kansans

    Topeka — Taxes will increase for low-wage Kansans and decrease for
    those with higher incomes under plans being considered by Republican
    state legislators, according to a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

    The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy looked at the various
    proposals before the Legislature that essentially increase the state
    sales tax while ratcheting down the income tax and reducing deductions.

    Currently, the state sales tax of 6.3 percent is scheduled to
    decrease to 5.7 percent on July 1. But Gov. Sam Brownback wants to keep
    the rate at 6.3 percent, saying that will stabilize the state budget and
    help buy down income tax rates.

    A Senate GOP plan to keep the rate at 6.25 percent, while lowering
    income tax rates, would result in a tax increase for 60 percent of
    Kansans, making $60,000 per year or less, the ITEP analysis shows. Of
    that group, the largest percentage increase would be for those making
    $20,000 per year or less.

    But those making more than $60,000 per year would realize a tax cut
    under the proposals.
    ITEP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group. Its stated mission is to provide
    information on tax policies, tax fairness, government budgets and sound
    economic policy.

  • bluekansas

    No Matter How They Spin It…

    …Your taxes are going up.
    It also would reduce the standard deduction for head of household to $5,000 from $9,000, and the married-filing-jointly deduction to $6,500 from $9,000,
    that’s a tax increase. It’s a shifting of the tax burden from higher-income people to middle-class and lower-income people.

    They are also cutting funding for higher education, and have no plan to address
    the $400 Million funding liability for k-12 that is before the courts.

  • bluekansas

    Overtime and Kansas citizens lose again

    The Kansas legislature screws up badly for second year in a row.

    Brownback’s misgided tax plan summarized:

    1. Extend the 6.3% statewide sales tax.
    2. Surreptitiously raise local property taxes.
    3. Give millions of dollars of Kansas income tax breaks to “small” businesses like Koch industries while placing the entire income tax burden on the backs of W-2 wage earners.
    4. Eliminate the mortgage interest deduction.
    5. Eliminate the real estate tax deduction.
    6. Somehow use this plan to be viewed as a “tax reducer” to get re-elected in 2014 and move back to Washington DC before the plan implodes, bankrupting Kansas.

    Judicial Selection – the Merit Selection system has worked fine since 1959. Brownback wants to destroy the independence of the Judicial branch of government and appoint Kansas Justices and Judges with a rubber stamp approval by conservatives in the Kansas Senate. This will turn the fair and impartial Kansas Court of Appeals into a conservative kangaroo Court. This will NOT happen to the Kansas Supreme Court.

    Legislature: throw a wrench in this whole plan in the wrap up session.

    REBUKE the Brownback agenda and intelligent Kansas voters defeat him in 2014

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