Unanimous Vote Supports Invenergy Wind Farm CUP

“The meeting went more smoothly than I expected.”

Ellis County Joint Planning Commission Chairman Kendall Krug says last night’s public hearing for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for commercial wind developer Invenergy LLC resulted in a unanimous vote of support for the CUP. The recommendation now goes to the Ellis County Commission, which must allow a two-week protest period before voting on the issue.

Buckeye Wind Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Invenergy, owns the project. It covers about 28,500 acres north of Interstate 70, between Ellis and Hays.

The area is well outside the city of Hays on land zoned for agriculture-use, which Krug points out, allows wind turbines.


Christine Wagner lives within the proposed Buckeye wind farm project and says the 87 to 125 turbines will ruin the beauty of the prairie.


Invenergy VP of Development Kevin Parzyck and Buckey Wind Energy Project Developer Allison Sand address the Ellis County Joint Planning Commission public hearing Wednesday night in Hays.


Ellis County resident Martha McClelland tells commissioners she’s researched Invenergy for five years, and is impressed. McClelland believes Ellis County needs to develop wind power.


A full house at Wednesday’s Conditional Use Permit public hearing in Hays for commercial wind developer Invenergy LLC, based in Chicago.

  • Yikes

    Ellis county will vote it down. They’ll listen to all the doctors, dentists and lawyers in western hays who’ll complain about birds dying around them or they’re noisy or some non rediculous fact. Besides it will bring jobs to the county as well as revenue from hotels, restaurants, concrete pouring ect. So they definitly won’t approve this.

    If they do ill be amazed. Won’t be happy though cause it should of happened years ago.

    Ruin the beauty of the prairie? I think renewable energy sources are quit beautiful myself.

  • Welldone

    Good for u, Martha. I’m glad someone was there to speak in favor of this.

  • do your homework

    Giant windfarms do so much to destroy and contribute very little energy . How close will they be to people’s homes? Please listen to this: http://www.npr.org/2013/05/17/184700636/cape-cod-community-to-vote-on-status-of-wind-turbines. The noise issue is no joke.

    • aaa

      Yeah like oil wells are not any of these things

      • interesting

        good point.

    • doubtful

      I don’t think they would be any more loud than your ac unit or heater running. Or a TV left on at night.

      Reducing noise and not having a house in the path of it’s “whoosh” won’t cause issues. They design for this. Look at pictures of the cape cod turbines. Very poor location. Now drive out to the turbines between here and salina. Or down by Elkhart. There’s no housing or business’s in the rear path of them. This isn’t an issue at all if the design allows for this.

  • http://hayspost Wind Energy is a scam

    This is a farce. Wind energy is one of the most expensive forms of energy to purchase. Wind energy cannot and would not exist without billions of dollars in federal subsidies. The subsidized grants are derived from taxpayer dollars. Also they do not have a buyer for the energy they plan to produce. Sounds like putting the cart before the horse. There is no guarantee that the twelve permanent positions won’t be filled by current Buckeye Wind Energy LLC employees. Other than lining the pockets of a few privileged land owners I see little long term benefit to the community.

    • interesting

      Its interesting the facts and little-damn near non existent-use of natural resources say differently. You must be reading opinions written by coal and oil industrialists.

      Might want to vary your research too both sides and determine the real facts.

      • http://hayspost Wind Energy is a scam

        I know how this plays out. I tell you to go to the Institute for Energy Research, the Energy Information Administration, or the American Tradition Institute for some enlightenment. You then claim that all are spokes in a wheel of some petroleum cabal and post a link to some politicized green energy sight. If it makes you feel warm and fuzzy to pay more for energy because you think you are saving the world then good for you. Just don’t expect me to swallow the same bait hook, line, and sinker as you have.

  • Doesn’t make sense

    The members of the planning commission repeatedly say that “the people have a right to do what ever they please with their land.” And the members of the planning commission after very little use for zoning reg. Fortunately for them the conditional use permit will allow the corporations to operate outside of the zoning regs. With this type of ridiculous thinking I should be able to place nerve gas very carefully on the border of my property and if it should blow on to my neighbor’s property and do harm to my neighbor, so be it. Because in Ellis County we have the right to do whatever we want with our property.

    • http://hayspost Wind Energy is a scam

      Good point. How about planting giant hogweed, mosquito fern, marijuana, devil’s thorn or other invasive noxious weeds on their property? Why not? They have a right to do whatever they please on their land. Dump motor oil, burn tires, or human sacrifice. I am being ridiculous to make the point that the logic the commission is using is flawed and perhaps a little reckless.

      • passin threw

        no offense but none of your weeds listed are noxious weeds in the state of kansas. happy memorial day!

        • http://hayspost Wind Energy is a scam

          None taken. I appreciate the correction, and admit my ignorance. I believe the
          crux of my statement is still valid. Have a safe and happy Memorial day.

          • passin threw

            well it just seemed a little flawed and perhaps reckless if you know what i mean

        • Hardy Harhar

          Marijuana is a noxious weed in Kansas. Educate yourself before you make an a$$ of yourself. Which happens often.

  • GOD

    As your Supreme Being, I gave you all the things Man needs to succeed or fail on this planet, including wind and sun. Sure, I killed off the dinosaurs for you, but they were meant to be a stop-gap measure. Heed my words – ignore all my gifts to you at your own peril.


    • what?

      I think your saying we are burning through our natural resources and we should support efforts for renewable energy like wind and solar energy?