Overnight Train Accident Kills Hays Man

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 10.25.58 AMEarly this morning the Hays Police Department received a report from the Union Pacific Railroad that a pedestrian had been struck by a train near the Oak Street crossing downtown.

Officers responded to the scene and confirmed that a man had been struck and killed by an east bound Union Pacific train.

Jacob Lee Corwin, 22 of Hays was killed. The incident was investigated by the Ellis County Coroner’s Office, Hays Police Department and the Union Pacific Railroad Police Department.

All of the railroad crossings between the Rome Street crossing and Vine Street were blocked by the train throughout the incident. First Responders from the Hays Fire Department, Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, and Ellis County EMS also responded to assist with the incident.

  • a

    How can someone not hear or see a train coming? Makes you wonder if it was intentional. It’s crazy how many deaths have been caused in Hays due to trains. Prayers to the family.

    • Welldone

      It’s pretty close to the bar scene in hays. Could have been a case of him passed out on the tracks. Something similar to the young lady that died not long ago after a party. Either way it is sad. So young too.

  • Horsewagled

    No accident when the railroad barons KNOW there is equipment available and do NOTHING to prevent their trains running people down like trash bags while paying themselves millions a year. About time the cold,calculated, pre-meditated, even budgeted for RR negligent homicides kick in.

    • Chris

      Lay off whatever it is you’re smoking.

    • hmmmm

      hmmmm WHAT????? are you saying this is somehow the railroads fault. I am hoping this was just an accident, and I pray for the family of this young man. But in my opinion this is no time to start playing the blame game.


      • countryboy

        You know them trains just swerve and hit people and cars at random.

      • Horsewagled

        Union Pacifics kill formula.
        Take the 190 million or so train miles and round up to 200 million leaving a kill total of 2.2 for normal drivers with brakes and steering. Union Pacific running down 133 is like 130 killings the government hides so well for them.

        …The updated Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data shows 2011
        also saw the lowest fatality rate ever recorded, with 1.10 deaths per
        100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2011..

        SELECTION: RAILROAD – Union Pacific RR Co. [UP ] / January TO December, 2012
        Total train miles: 167,573,536
        Switching miles: 22,033,346
        Total fatalities: 133
        Total nonfatal conditions: 958

    • a

      Seriously!?! You’re an idiot!

    • :)

      My uncle was a conductor. An average coal train, empty, takes over 2 miles to stop, and that’s with the emergency brake!

  • countryboy

    This is exactly why the Pavilion DOES NOT need to be built by the Railroad Tracks Downtown.

  • kasey

    Ummm.. I was at the sip n spin with this gentleman and some of his friends. I don’t believe it was an accident I believe he intended on taking his life. he had mentioned it before

  • peanut

    im so sorry to here that. we all left the same time last night wish we would of known.

  • kasey

    It is just terrible either way. Bad location.

  • hays sucks

    My heart goes out to the poor person who was operating this train when a selfish drunk decided to use a train to commit suicide..I hope they wont have to deal with years of psychological trauma because of this person’s decision.. like all weak willed people who take their own life..they have no concern for the collateral damage the leave behind..what a cowardly act..

    • Fools Abound

      While my heart does go out to the conductor, and emergency personnel who had to work this tragedy, you obviously know nothing about suicide, depression or mental illness. Most people with mental illness mistakenly believe they are doing everyone a favor by taking their own lives. This is WHY we call it mental illness. This person could no more control their urge to commit suicide, IF that’s in fact what happened, than you can control your urge to say mean, hurtful things knowing that the family members of this person will be reading it while grieving the loss of their loved one. I think you should become more informed about the issue before insulting the deceased. People who commit suicide are not ” weak minded ” or ” cowardly “. I pray you, or someone you love has to deal with mental illness because obviously, your family member would get NO help or assistance from you.

      • hmmmm2

        You and Hays sucks are 100 % correct..hey “fools around” stop with the bleeding heart bs.. This guy wasn’t mentally ill..he was a drunk with no backbone..

    • jess

      You should also keep in mind people in his family may see the crap you post and you should have more respect for people and their feelings. The young man was my baby brother and nothing makes my heart break than to see stupid people such as yourself putting it out there that he has committed suicide. How would you feel if his 10 year old neice stumbled upon this? Maybe you should pull your head out and think about these things before you open your mouth!!

  • inkslinger

    can you imagine what that would be like, feeling the impact, the last second, “second” thought. the sound of the brakes on the train screeching. Wonder if it is painless?
    well i hope that it was quick, not to sound terrible
    My heart to the family, this is sad so sad

  • Mama

    I think suicide is the coward way out. Everyone has problems. It is just the coward way to deal with those problems. I feel sorry for everyone involved.

    • haha

      people commit suicide because they don’t have any hope. I’m an atheist so suicide to me means it all ends.. at that moment. So obviously I don’t ever contemplate that but I do feel a lot of sorrow for people who do and people who commit it. Life can be a real mf sometimes. And some can’t hang. If people know the signs it’s easier to stop it. It does hurt those left behind I agree fully. Those who do it are suffering pretty badly also or they wouldn’t do it. It’s not human nature to self terminate, but brain chemistry can cause it.
      When you act like the person who died deserves it because they are week or cowardly is really a fascist way of thinking, that I’ve seen a lot of movies and documentaries about. They had a red white and black flag and “euthanized” the feeble. Don’t think that way, man. Your better than that.