Legislature Changes Alcohol Laws


(AP) – The Kansas Legislature has approved a bill that makes several changes in alcohol laws.

The bill allows alcohol tastings at events put on by nonprofit groups to support the arts. It also will permit hotels to distribute drink coupons for use on site or at certain licensed clubs, and allows the sale of 64-ounce pitchers of mixed drinks.

The House approved the bill Wednesday, after the Senate approved it last week. It now goes to Gov. Sam Brownback.

Nonprofit groups and hotels who provide alcohol tastings or drink coupons will be required to pay the amount of tax the drinks would have accrued if sold.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the bill also requires that every administrative notice or fine must be settled within 90 days of issuance.

  • :)

    64 oz. pitchers of mixed drinks? :-O

    • Yikes

      Only need 1. :)

  • Awesome

    This means The Golden Q can bring back their pitchers of margaritas!

    • Reality Check

      Years ago we got pitchers of Alabama Slammers at Hawk’s. Bad thing is, they don’t really hit you til you stand up to go to the restroom.

    • Anonymous

      Now if they would have only fixed it so they could sell towers again.

  • Did

    And they want to change the limit for a DUI to .05? Makes sense I guess, got to generate profit somehow.

  • A new point

    It’s kamakazi time!!!

  • Duh!

    Hotels have been giving away drink coupons for years. If its given away then how can you tax it. Just more revenue for the Brownback to piss away!