FHSU Wind Turbine Work Begins

fhsu turbines 2

The erection of Fort Hays State University’s two 400′ wind turbines is getting underway southwest of Hays.

Thursday morning workers assembled the final section of the construction crane.

Parts and crew members will be arriving throughout the next week.

The turbines are west of the university’s Super DARN radar array, near the intersection of 210th Avenue and Golf Course Road.  They will provide energy directly to campus, and their combined energy output will cover roughly 97% of energy consumption on campus.

Construction is expected to begin in early June.


  • http://www.hayspost.com 97%

    So the Turbines will be turning and suppling power 97% of the time?

  • Informed Citizen

    No they only have enough output combined to run 97% of campus.

  • BB

    How much is spending Eddie getting out of this? This is probably why the college is getting it.