Buckeye Wind Energy Project Fact Sheet

Material submitted by the Ellis County Joint Planning Commission for Wednesday’s public hearing regarding a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) request by Invenergy, LLC of Chicago:


May, 2013

       * All statistics regard the project as proposed at this time

PROJECT NAME                                Buckeye Wind Energy Project (“Buckeye”)

LOCATION                           Buckeye is projected to be located on more than 28,000 acres of private land in Ellis County, Kansas.

PROJECT COST                   Approximately $335 million capital investment.

CAPACITY (MW)              Approximately 200 MW.

# OF TURBINES                  Between 87-125 turbines (depending on turbine model selection)

TYPE OF TURBINES          Turbine selection still is being finalized.

HOMES POWERED           Approximately 104,000homes.

LANDOWNERS                  Invenergy and its affiliates have signed more than 130 lease agreements with landowners in the project area.

JOB CREATION                  Buckeye would create approximately 300 construction jobs, and approximately 12 permanent operations and maintenance jobs once the farm is operational.

                                                     During operation, the project is expected to contribute more than $1.25 million annually in local payments, including property tax revenue to Ellis County; lease payments to landowners; and salaries to local employees.

PROJECT SCHEDULE        Invenergy began development efforts on Buckeye in 2008, and currently we are seeking a power purchase agreement (“PPA”) for the project.  Therefore, construction details, including a timeline, have not yet been determined.

AVIATION                          Invenergy will apply for Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) determinations of ‘No Hazard’ for preliminary wind turbine locations.

WILDLIFE                             As with all of our wind projects, Invenergy has, and will continue to, coordinate with state and federal agencies in this regard.

PPA                                        Invenergy is actively seeking a PPA for the Buckeye project.

WIND STUDIES                  Invenergy has installed two meteorological towers in Ellis County, and one in Trego County, to measure wind speed, direction, and air temperature.  There also is one Sonic Detection and Ranging (“SODAR”) unit – a wind “profiling” system – in Ellis County.  The data collected from the met towers indicates that the project area has an excellent wind resource, and is an optimal location for a successful wind power generation facility.


“With an excellent wind resource and community support, Ellis County is an optimal location for a successful wind project.   The Buckeye Wind Energy project (“Buckeye”) would provide substantial, long-term economic benefits to the local area.  We look forward to continuing to work closely with our host community, contributing to its economic development, and providing a new supply of clean, homegrown energy in Kansas.”


Invenergy and its affiliated companies develop, own and operate large-scale renewable and other clean energy generation facilities in North America and Europe. North America’s largest independent wind power generation company, Invenergy is committed to clean power alternatives and continued innovation in electricity generation. The company’s home office is located in Chicago and it has regional development offices throughout the United States and in Canada and Europe.

Invenergy has developed more than 7,100 MW of clean energy projects that are in operation, in construction, or under contract, including 49 wind, 3 solar, and 6 natural gas power facilities. For more information, please visit www.invenergyllc.com.


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  • http://hayspost Wind Energy is a scam

    It would be helpful to include how much government subsidized funds Invenergy has collected in the past fiscal year.

  • A

    What i hate most about all this, is everyone is naive about some of the facts about wind energy. Alot of people think its this great free energy source, and while it has its positives it also has negatives. I live near this project and will now have to deal with this eye sore for a long time. If wind was so great, why do they have to provide so many subsidizes to fund the dam things.

    • blowin in the wind

      Well said A. They have to provide all those subsidies because that is the only way wind energy is possible. Without the government (our tax money) wind energy would never happen. It is one of the most expensive sources of electricity to produce.

  • Informed Citizen

    Its all in the eye of the beholder. I think they are almost majestic and beautiful to watch particularly at sunset. But I also dont live right next to them. Id rather see those than live next to a coal fired power plant or oil well. Just my opinion though.

    • A

      Really? i live next to several oil wells. They dont bother my family a bit

  • Craig

    Invenergy has not been good to me. They switched agreements on me. Be sure to get your agreement sent back and signed, or they can do what ever they want.