USD 489 Issues Complete List of Retirees


After Monday nights USD 489 School board meeting, the district issued thecomplete list of individuals who will retire this year from the Hays school system. The retirees will be honored on Tuesday May 21st  at the Bakery Shop Heritage Room. The reception will begin at 6:00 PM.

Elizabeth Jaeger, assistant to the Superintendent told HaysPost 11 of the 21 retirees, their guests, several board members, and administration will be there to honor them.

Ann Adams                  Teacher HaysHigh                                16 years

Sandra Bainter            Clerk USD489                                         25 years

Corina Beam                Teacher HaysHigh                                22 years

Jill Blurton                    Teacher HaysHigh                                28 years

Shiela Brening             Dir.Of Nutrition USD489                     35 years

Mary Alice Brent        SPED Teacher USD489                        35 years

Donna Cooper              Teacher HaysHigh                                44 years

Marilyn Davidson       Teacher Roosevelt                                43 years

Clifford Engel                Custodian Roosevelt                            13 years

DouglasGreer               Director Children’s Center                  17 years

Kathryn Hafliger         SPED Teacher Hays High                     24 years

Robert Helget               SPED Para educator Hays High        10 years

Larry Keil                        Teacher Hays Middle                           37 years

Lorna Martin                 Head Cook Hays Middle                      27 years

Fred Pullmann               Custodian Rockwell                             20 years

Tommy Reed                  Custodian Lincoln                                16 years

Lesley Schonthaler      Counselor Roosevelt                           24 years

Patricia Schumacher   SPED Teacher Roosevelt                     16 years

Lynda Seifers                  Principal’s Secretary Hays Middle    25 years

Connie Walters               SPED Para educator Hays High          11 years

Gera Lou Woofter         Title I Teacher Wilson                             23 years


On Wednesday, USD 489 issued the most recent list of individuals who will retire this year.  Hays Area Children’s Center Administrator Doug Greer, Hays High Principal  Dr. Michael Hester, and teacher Mary Alice Brent announced their retirement during last year’s board cycle. Click on the list for a closer look.

On Wednesday USD 489  issued this list of those set to retire from the district this spring.

On Wednesday USD 489 issued this list of those set to retire from the district this spring.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Congrats to those that served!

    Terribly unfortunate there are not more on the list…the district really needs new blood! Starting at the top 4-5 salaried positions in the district, then 2-3 principals, then another dozen teachers!

  • Marilyn Davidson

    Gratz, Marilyn.

    Had her as my kindergarten teacher and my son had her as his 1st grade teacher. Loved the green castle she used to have in her kindergarten class.

    Hope your retirement goes well!

  • Thank you!!

    Mrs. Davidson – Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!!! You will be missed!

  • Uncle Thomas

    I believe the district should set limits on the number of years a teacher can teach. This is ridiculous for someone to teach over 30 years. Lets get some new blood in the system. Bring in younger more energetic teachers at a lower wage. Give the grads a chance for a career.

    • Hats off!

      Sure, that way we get unproven rookie at a lower rate. Not all long term teachers are bad.
      Each teacher should be able to make their own decision.

    • Anonymous

      I encourage you to send our legislators an email asking for limits that someone can practice their profession. The plumber can only be a plumber for 30 years. The mechanic can only be a mechanic for 30 years. This must also apply to doctors, lawyers, police, and firefighters. At 50 almost everyone will be forced to go back to school to change their careers. Great idea Uncle Tom!