USD 489 Food Prices Increasing


The 2013-14 meal prices are going up for USD 489 students. The Hays school board Monday night agreed to a ten cent increase for students and adults. The USD 489 lunch program is self funding and the increase is partially due to increasing food prices. Dr. Will Roth, USD 489 Superintendent stated, “the districts food service program is a top notch program.”

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  • Uncle Thomas

    “the districts food service program is a top notch program.” Coming from Dr Roth is this not a bit bias? I believe the program is good, but “top notch”? Is there a means by which food programs are measured?

    • Uncle Thomas

      How many times per week does Dr Roth visit a school and eat lunch?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see the schools with any violations on monthly restaurant report. That is top notch compared to a lot of other restaurants.