USD 489 Board to Consider Meal Prices

USD 489 board will meet on Monday night at 6:30.  In additional to hearing a report from the facilities needs committee,USD-489

they will also consider the following items.

A. Special Education Presentation
B. Public Hearing to Amend the Bilingual Fund
C. KASB Policy Update – Second Reading
D. 2013-14 Meal Prices
E. Bids for Bermuda Sod on the HHS Practice Field
F. Hays Middle School Construction Bids

  • Parent

    I’m sure the school lunch price will go up again like it has every year for at least the last 6 years….

  • taxpayer

    I hope they continue to raise the school lunch price as the food costs and labor costs continue to go up each year.

  • countryboy

    In a water restriction and they want to put new sod on the practice field let alone the waste of money that can be used for education. Time to put education First and Sports Second.

  • bootstrap

    The body count from Moore OK Tornado is just starting . . . its time Hays start building modern school buildings.