Sound Off: When You Hear the Tornado Sirens, What Do You Do? What About Others?

Storm that rolled through Ellis County toward Hays on Saturday, May 18. Photo courtesy of Jordan Schaefer was taken just after 6:20 p.m.

Storm that rolled through Ellis County toward Hays on Saturday, May 18. 

Did you hear the tornado-warning sirens on Saturday evening? They were blaring across Ellis County. Did you find a safe place; did you get in your car to go watch the action?

A lot of storm watchers were driving around the county. Is that a good idea? Does it matter? Tell us what you do when you hear the tornado sirens. Open the comments section below and Sound off.

  • Your neighbor

    I have a problem with these people who think they have to run see the tornado. Stupid

  • Jordan Gemboys

    Take my kids to shelter.

  • Tornado

    What’s more important is when they rang!!! There was a huge complete rotation over
    The west side if town and the didn’t ring until it had moved over the north center of town!!! We’re they down at first or was it an error?? We had better get that right next time Hays! KWCH reported it coming our way 3o minutes before that!!!

    • Hays Resident

      Get a scanner and then you won’t have to worry about relying on KWCH…. you hear a LOT more on a scanner way before KWCH.

  • hmmmm

    Well in Hays I first went to the basement. Then after about 8 different times the whistles went off, you never knew if they were real or not. The whistle would go off for about 1-2 minutes, then off, about 5-10 minutes later they would go off again. So it was hard to know what was going on.


    • hmmmm

      Sorry I meant in Ellis, not Hays. (it is a monday :( )

    • Dumb

      Don’t be dumb….you need to assume they are real!!! Why would you not think they are real?

      • hmmmm

        I did not say that they werent real, but when they are so inconsistent about blowing the whistles it is hard to take them serious. Just like it is hard to take someone serious when the come on a public talk forum and call them DUMB.

  • countryboy

    Eagle Cable needs to get there EAS on TV working right. It would go off 30 mins after the warning went off. The warnings were already to about to expire.

    • Jack stack

      Our Eagle cable alerts were fine You probably were confused because there were so many warnings. Crazy storm

      • countryboy

        No when the warning was issued at 7:25 according to the recording and what was printed on the screen and it comes on at 7:55 I think there is a problem. Just for instance this happened two times that night.

  • Hays

    I gather my family and head to the basement. Storm spotting is best left to the trained professionals. The last thing those dedicated men and women need is to be further endangered by having to work around a bunch of rubber-neckers.

  • Skywatch

    Tornado sirens are meant to warn people that are outside, not people in their homes. Pay attention to your local weather station and have a weather radio turned on. This event had been forecast a week in advance so there is no excuse not being prepared for it. Also, the idiots that go outside and watch the sky when the sirens go off are idiots as lightning, debris, hail, will thank them for their stupidity.

  • Hooah


  • Kay

    We did go to the storm shelter along with neighbors who needed a shelter. The only warning we had was on the radio. The siren in Catharine did not sound. I can’t understand that as we were in the path of the storm

  • hello

    There is something about mother natures fury that makes you want to see a tornado. I made sure my family was safe we had our radio on in the basement.

  • Informed

    This seems like a disgusting topic considering todays events. This was posted on facebook around 9:30pm. I’m losing respect for this website more and more everyday!

    • hmmmm

      Then quit coming to the site.

      I agree that this is a very touchy, and sad topic due to the tragic events in OK. But remember nobody is forcing you to read articles on this site.

      And this article was posted on here before the tragic events happened in OK. As far as Facebook I wouldnt know, as i dont do facebook.

      Praying for the families of OK.

  • A new point

    With all the devestation in OK, and seeing those kids injured and killed at school, I thought maybe instead of spending that sales tax money on a taj-mahal fire station, we should invest it in storm shelters for our schools.

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