New Elementary School Schedules More Meetings, Enrollment

Hays Victory Christian Academy, the new non-Denominational elementary school is holding another informational meeting on Monday at 7 p.m. at Celebration Hays VCACommunity Church, 5970 230th Ave, the building that will house the academy.

Enrollment dates for the school are at 7 PM ON MAY 22ND AND 23RD, and on June 5TH AND 6TH AT 7 PM .

For more information check their web site or call them 785-639-6303


  • hmmm??

    Make sure you read the handbook before you enroll your child!!

  • are you serious

    like the church and preachers there don’t make enough money the cost to send a child there is absurd. oh yeah the church has nothing to do with the school. lol… the teacher and founders of the school are the under pastor and his wife who both left teaching jobs to work full time at the church. so yeah I believe the church has nothing to do with the school…. not… good luck to any that decide to send there child to that school

  • a joke!

    The price is absurd!!! The fact that it costs $375/month for 12 month payment plan or $500/month on a 9 month payment plan is CRAZY!! They have a lot of rules of things you can’t do….what I want to know is what can you do? Hopefully no one gets pissed off by all the rules and sues them for not allowing there child to be there because of what I consider stupid things for example:
    NO student will be admitted who:
    •has emotional or disciplinary problems that cannot be met by HVCA •has a court record or a reputation that is un-Christian •has a physical handicap or learning disability for which our program is not staffed •Students applying for re-enrollment (or admission) at HVCA must be drug and alcohol free

    •The family must have at least one parent or guardian residing in the household. If there
    are two parents residing in the household, they must be a legally-married man and woman. This is based upon the Biblical standards of marriage.

    •The school administration has the authority to give a diagnostic test for new students.
    This test will determine the grade placement of the student.

    Hair is to be neat, clean, and combed. Boys’ hair should not extend past the collar and
    the side length should allow the lobe of the ear to show. The hair may not touch the eyebrows. Boys must have no facial hair. Girls’ hair must be kept out of the eyes at all times.
    Extreme hairstyles,including an insignia shaved or dyed into the hair, or coloring that gives an unnatural appearance are not permitted for boys or girls.

    Students, who are not in attendance prior to 10:30 will not be allowed to participate in
    any extracurricular activities that day.

    •Students are to bring their own sack/box lunch each day, except for planned catering
    days, in which students will need to bring money for the catered lunch.

    • Wintermute

      Wow. Good luck to them of course, but are they going to check for rings at parent teacher conferences? How do you determine what an un-christian reputation is? I think i’ll count my blessings today that public schools are a better fit for my brood.

  • Hays

    Judging only by the posts above, it doesn’t sound like this is an option for my family, but good for them for offering an alternative those who wish to give it a try. And while the price tag may seem hefty, there are plenty of families in this community who can easily foot that kind of bill and many who do at Holy Family and TMP.

  • ???

    I would be afraid of getting sued for Discrimination if I was them but u guess they are surly researched all the laws.

    • Too_much_corporate_ power

      As long as they’re not getting any of our tax $$ they don’t have to be held to any rules or regulations. Teachers don’t have to be qualified, special ed services don’t have to be offered, and they can teach that Christ rode a dinosaur into Jerusalem.

      My bet, though, is that soon this cult, um, “school” will be pushing for more of our hard-earned tax $$ and try to sneak in as a charter school, go for vouchers or pull other shenanigans to force all the rest of us to subsidize their religion.

  • John

    This school makes TMP look fairly liberal.

    Also, the literacy rate of these posts is appalling: there = a place; their = possession

  • Frank

    Sounds like this place would deny entry to Christ himself without a haircut. Christ would look for ways to INCLUDE people not reasons to EXCLUDE them. Hypocrites. I’m sure the Phelps children would be welcomed with open arms at this ‘school’.