Facilities Needs Committee Considering Next Step

The USD 489 Facilities Needs Committee met on Friday. Here is the information they discussed.  USD489

Facilities Needs Committee Meeting May 17, 2013

Attendees: Paul Briseno, Tom Drees, Aaron White, Josh Waddell, Nick Schwein, Tammy Wellbrock, Pat Lowry, Bryce Young, Richard Cain, Will Roth, Brian Weimer, Todd Powell

Others: Marty Patterson, James Leiker, Francis Hammerschmidt Meeting Start: 7 AM

The meeting opened with the discussion of the next step. What does the Board expect from this committee:

  • The creation of a ‘Community Plan’
    • A plan of action that can be a recommendation from the committee that theBoard can then vote on
    • This committee needs to include the community input
    • This committee needs to be able to justify each item they are recommending
  • Decisions should be made considering the efficiency of each recommendation and what the public wants/expresses
  • The committee would like to explore the scenario of 4 elementary buildings versus 3 elementary schools (projected out 5 years)
  • This is just for investigation and projection purposes for discussion. This is not a course of action by the committee.• Comparison of cost
    • Comparison of savings
    • Projecting staffing/savings
    • Additional classrooms / needs
  • The committee has requested a comparison of Lincoln and O’Loughlin in the combination of 3 elementary schools along with Roosevelt and Wilson• Lincoln, Roosevelt and Wilson
    • O’Loughlin, Roosevelt and Wilson
  • The committee has requested comparisons of scenarios of combinations of 2 through 5 elementary buildings• Consensus of the committee is to close Rockwell as an educational / office facility
  • Other Items of Consideration:
    • The committee will need to consider the needs of the high school, middle school,and the configurations of the elementary schools.
    • When a plan is proposed, what is the best way to gather public commentsThe committee will meet on May 31, 7 AM, Toepfer Board Room. The meeting adjourned at 8:20 AM