View of the Storm


Click on the photos for a closer look.

Law enforcement officials reported seeing rotation in the clouds and possible funnel clouds along 160th and Butterfield trail, near Ellis Ave and Spring Hill Road, near 140th Avenue and Grants Villa Road, and other locations in Ellis County. A funnel cloud may have also contributed to power lines down in the 100 block of 150th avenue. High winds also contributed to a tree falling onto a power line  in the 2500 block of Ash Street in Hays.



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  • Hats off!

    Kudos to the Hays PD for cruising the nieghborhoods tonight sounding their sirens & telling residents to take cover. I appreciate your efforts.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I did not witness any such thing in my neighborhood. I thought that is why we have tornado sirens and radios.

    • inkslinger

      you must live on THAT part of town, Uncle Thomas LOL