USD 501 Hires Hays High Principal

HesterRon Harbaugh, Director of Communications for Topeka Public Schools confirmed to Hays Post this morning that Mike Hester, PhD is going to work for Topeka Public Schools. “ The Topeka Board of Education announced at Thursday night’s meeting that Hester has accepted a job as General Director of Secondary Education for USD 501. He will oversee six middle schools and five high schools,” said Harbaugh.

Hester spent 13 years as principal at HaysHigh School

“I am getting to move to the next level that I wanted to in my career,” Hester told Hays Post. “We were pretty picky and looked at a lot of opportunities and turned down several but this was exactly the opportunity, helping secondary principals after being a principals for 23 years that’s where I feel like my strengths are and where I can offer to help people in the field.”

Family played an important role in Hesters decision, “We circled Kansas City and said the job we want has to fit inside this radius so we are close to family in Shawnee Mission and Olathe. It just really worked for our family situation and for my career,” said Hester.

“We are truly blessed. The past 13 years have been some of the best work of our career. It’s been the best community to work for. This is a people business and people are the best gift I can give as a principal is the teachers that touch the student’s lives everyday. That’s why I’m an administrator.” Hester will begin his new job on July 1.

  • Please…

    It’s “principal” not “principle”. I really hope Mr. Hester spoke this statement and did not write it himself.

    • Please…

      “That’s where my strengths is” is also incorrect. It should read, “That’s where my strength are.”

      • Actually…

        It should read either “That’s where my strength is” or “that’s where my strengths are.”

  • Please…

    “strengths are” :)

  • HaysPost

    Thanks for your eyes. We have updated the story. We appreciate the feedback.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Enough about the trivial spelling, grammar, usage, etc. We see these in every other article posted.
    Let’s focus on the story…Hays loses another quality educator! Wish Dr. Hester could have spoken the truth and told us really how he was backdoor by a co-worker and the lack of administration with a spine!
    As long as the school board allows the lack of leadership to continue Hays will plagued with mediocrity in our public education system.

    • Really?

      You act like Hester didn’t have any power. He controlled way more than I think he should have. Maybe it is time for him to move on and quit picking on kids that weren’t in the “circle” he wanted to favor to.

      • Uncle Thomas

        He was the Principal of a 5A school, he should have been in charge of all operations at the school! That is why he was paid.

      • Uncle Thomas

        Face it any time you have a leader that takes action or does his job he will be criticized by the masses who do nothing! If Dr. Hester is criticized by some of the faculty and students…GREAT! He should have been tougher and ridded the system of both…AND taken on the administration! Unfortunately he is a family man I presume who must not cut his own throat…stay positive and look for a brighter future down the road. I have never met Dr. Hester, but congrats to him for his promotion!!!

  • ???

    Is he taking Cornelson and Emilo with him?

  • Uncle Thomas

    HHS has not had a real football coach ever. Now you have a guy who wants to kick butt and take names…and he is subject to criticism. Don’t worry if he keeps winning he will only be around a few years before he realizes he is ready for the next level which means he is tired of dealing with mediocrity and the morons in USD 489