Corey Hines

Brian Michael Shoemaker
Address: Hays

Age: 18
Arrest Location: 1600 block of Harvest Road, Hays
Charges: 21-5706(a) Possession of opiate, opium, narcotic or certain stimulant
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Corey Lewis Hines
Address: Hays
Age: 28
Arrest Location: 400 block of West 16th Street, Hays
Charges: 21-5427(a)(3)(A) Stalking; After served a protection order prohibiting contact
Violation of protection order, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
Ethan John Lang, 
Address: Hays
Age: 21
Arrest Location: 1700 block of Vine, Hays,
Charges: 8-1567(a)(b1)(A) Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs; 1st conviction
Warren Albert Kohtz, 
Address: Hays
Age: 62
Arrest Location: 500 block of West 33rd, Hays
Charges: 21-5414(a)(2)(B1) Domestic battery; Knowing rude physical contact w/ family member: STAT