Hays High Musical Recognized Today in Wichita

Rachel Muirhead (Mammy Yokum and Shelby Matlock as Daily Mae from last fall's Li'l Abner at HHS

Rachel Muirhead (Mammy Yokum) and Shelby Matlock as (Daisy Mae) from last fall’s Li’l Abner at HHS

The Jester Award program recognizes the extraordinary amount of work, creativity, and devotion that faculty and students pour into their high school theatrical productions. The awards celebrate the entire art of musical theatre: casts and crews, directors and designers and the great musical theatre works that inspire such devotion.

For the second year the HHS Musical Production has been nominated for the Jester Award’s best overall production. The HHS Cast of Li’l Abner has been asked to perform a production number tonight at the Jester Awards in Wichita.
The following individuals have been nominated:

Direction of Show: Johnny Matlock and Brenda Meder
Supporting Actress: Rachel Muirhead
Chorus: Entire Cast
Orchestra: Johnny Matlock
Musical Direction: Johnny Matlock
Stage Crew: Jill Pokorny, Colby Custer, Megan Dinkel, Kaysha Leiker, Shelby Richmeier, Samantha Rohleder
Sound: Jeremy Wann
Lobby Decorations: Stacy Berens, Russ Koenigsman, Penny McGinnis, Lisa Schreck