Phase 2 of Vine Street Construction to Begin

Vine Street constructionPhase 2 of the Vine Street Reconstruction Project will begin on Friday. (Click on the picture for a closer look)

The contractor will switch the traffic control on Vine Street from 13th to 22nd Street. The northbound lanes (east side of Vine Street) will be closed, and traffic will be redirected to the newly reconstructed southbound lanes (west side of Vine Street). Like the previous configuration, there will be one lane of traffic in each direction and left turns throughout the construction zone will be prohibited. Motorists are encouraged to use side streets and adjacent entrances to access businesses along Vine Street.

Phase 2 is expected to last one month (approximately the end of June) followed by Phase 3, which will reconstruct the center turn lane.

Traffic control markings and signage will be in place to direct the traveling public. Please remember that left turns are prohibited in the construction zone.

  • Hmmmmmmmm

    Just leave the no left turn signs down. Nobody obeys them, they just turn left all day long. Post a police officer in the dillon’s parking lot and make money all day. They is the way to pay their wages for the month.