No Fireworks in Hays?

fireworksLast year, the city of Hays reversed itself and prohibited the sale and use of fireworks after vendors had already opened for business.

Then-mayor Troy Hickman made the decision June 29th, forcing the booth operators to shut down after just two days of sales.  The reason:  very hot temperatures and gusty wind combined to make the drought conditions even worse, and concern about out-of-control fires that might occur.

City Commissioners will discuss this year’s sale and use of fireworks during Thursday’s work session.  Assistant City Manager Paul Briseno says staff is recommending  prohibition.

The city did allow last year’s Wild West Fest July 4th fireworks show.

  • wesker72

    That does suck, but it is probably for the best…

  • hahahahaha

    Nothing like the “free” market here in the USSR

    • Joe

      So you want vendors to be able to sell a product that is banned?

      • hahahahaha

        That would be free, commie.

  • Countryboy

    July 4th can be Celebrated without fireworks. Give the Firemen and women time with their families.

    • Uncle Thomas

      They are paid are they not?

      • Firemen/Firewoman

        NO! All of Ellis county is volunteer except for the city of Hays. We do not like it when stupid people do stupid things causing fires at all times of the day. We all have families, and would rather not be out there fighting fires in the 110 degree weather while you are at home in your air conditioner!

        • passin_threw

          When did they stop paying you guys?

          • Vollies

            The members of the Volunteer departments in Ellis County are on call 24/7, they get paid a small amount if they make a call. Something like $10 for the first two hours and $7 per hour after that.
            They wear a pager and if they are available when if goes off they respond.

          • passin threw

            yes vollies, i’m aware of that. thanks and have a wonderful day

      • Hmm

        There’s no reason to have unnecessary fires set by people who are irresponsible and don’t know what they’re doing. By your logic, let’s just allow people to rob a bunch of stores around Hays so the police have some work to do. They are paid, are they not?

      • home owner

        When someone’s errant firework starts my yard and house on fire, I’m not going to care if they firefighters are paid or not. And there’s not enough water to fight the fires.

  • fireworks

    Banning alcohol sales and the wildwest fest would let some police have off but do we want that.

    • hmmm 2

      Absolutely !!!!! So sick of all the drunken stupidity and promotion of drinking in this crap hole town..

      • inkslinger

        that’s all Oktoberfest is now, its no longer fun to go to that

        • good

          If you can’t drink at why have it is the attitude of this town, I am sick of it also no wonder this city can not attract new intellect businesses. No new ideas, just raise taxes, have senseless studies and we just keep putting the same people back in office. I think it is time for a BIG change!

      • http://hayspost Happy Trails

        Sheesh, sounds like you could use a drink.

  • inkslinger

    where i come from fireworks are always illegal, all the time with stiff fines for shooting them off, in case your wondering im from the sierra mountains. and our 4th of july was just as good im most cases even better

  • Rob

    They will ban them for the citizens but will probably still let the wildwest show go on, so once again a bunch of hipocrits.

    • Chris

      How is it hypocritical to have a professional crew do a fireworks show? If this is how the logical part of your brain works, I am very glad you don’t get to shoot off fireworks.

      • Joe

        So having ONE professional fireworks display for firefighters to keep track of and make sure no fires start or spread is the same thing as having to keep track of a city of 20,000+ people untrained people shooting fireworks? Let me guess, you probably also think the government is hypocritical because they get nuclear weapons and you don’t?

        • Chris

          I think you replied to the wrong post Mr Joe, because our posts are in agreement =)

          • Joe

            Yep, meant to reply to the one above you. My bad.

    • Frank

      Yep. Do as I say, not as I do. Great message to send. Pffftttt………..

      • Chris

        Another intelligent reply, Frank.

        That was sarcastic, by the way.

        • Frank

          You’re right. Unnecessary fires should only be set by people who are responsible.

  • ??

    I think this is a decision that can wait to see where we are with moisture. I DON’T think it should wait until after vendors have already set up, but by mid June we know how serious the dry conditions are!! We have been getting fair amounts of rain and frequently. If it keeps up, I see no reason to ban them. If we aren’t getting any moisture come June, then ban them. I think we can be logical here, but logical isn’t waiting until booths are set up and they have been sold for 2 days!!

  • Hays girl

    Jumping the gun a little, I’d say!

  • Hays Resident

    If they ban fireworks, they also need to prohibit Wild West Fest from having their firework show as well. If it is THAT bad of a drought NO one should be able to shoot off fireworks personally or commercially. If they let WWF have their show than everyone else should be able to let others shoot of fireworks as well. You can’t tell me that a few fountains and other small fireworks that we bought for our little ones last year are worse than the massive aerials that WWF shoots off.

    • Hays

      Are you serious? Are you telling me you really cannot see or understand the difference between these two scenarios? Let me enlighten you. The Wild West Fest fireworks show is one event, one night, within a set timeframe, with trained professionals in charge and on hand in case anything happens. The other scenario is 16 hours a day over multiple days, across multiple communities and rural areas spanning the entire county, with those same trained professionals (many of whom are unpaid volunteers) being called out of work and family activities to chase fires. Please demonstrate a little common sense. This isn’t a situation that warrants throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Since none of us can control the weather, it would be nice to give the community an option to at least view a fireworks show if weather permits. And if that doesn’t work out either, so be it. It really isn’t that big of a deal. I have kids at home who don’t complain as much as some of you on this blog.

  • :)

    All of you people suck.

  • inkslinger

    i dont think that WWF firework show will be throwing fireworks into the street, blow up trashcans, light the neighbors lawn on fire, burn acres of grass, shoot them off until 3 in the morning, i could go on, but i will finish by saying commercial firework shows are trained professionals, not some kid or redneck with fountains and a gas can. REALLY PEOPLE

    • Chris

      Glad that there is at least one logical person around. From the posts others are making, I am very happy that fireworks are banned.

      • Frank

        Yep, well said. We should trust everything our government tells us.

    • Citizen

      We set off fireworks every year as a family and have a great time doing it. Never once have we started a fire, or done any of the stupid things you mention in your reply. I there is truly all these problems you are speaking of, the current laws need to be enforced. No reason to take fun away from responsible people.

      • stonedigger

        Kind of like taking guns away from responsible people isn’t? It just doesn’t make sense, punish the law abiding citizens for every wrong thing done by criminals.

        • Chris

          I can’t believe how incredulous you people are about this issue. It is about safety. Not just about your safety, but about the safety of the fire fighters that have to respond to fires every year from fireworks.

          I really could care less about your sob story. What do you really expect the city to do–go door to door and see if you are a law abiding citizen and tell ya it’s ok for you to set off fireworks? And what does being a law-abiding citizen have anything to do with not starting an accidental fire? I guess I never knew that it was always criminals that started those 4th of July fire.

          I think the word you are reaching for is: RESPONSIBLE. A responsible citizen would understand why this ban is happening, and thank the city officials for thinking about safety. Irresponsible city officials would allow fireworks because the city would be making money off the sales.

          A little more use of the frontal lobe and a little less of the amygdala would do wonders for those of you that have problems with using logic.

          Eugenics, where art thou?

          • Citizen

            The 3 leading causes of fires in the U.S. are cooking, smoking, and heating. Maybe you should quit cooking and heating your house. That would make you real responsible.

          • Frank

            Are you insinuating the city doesn’t make money off its show??? Do you truly believe it’s about anything other than money? How many festival tickets would they sell if it was advertised as no fireworks display? See, it ISN’T about safety.

          • passin threw

            did frank just imply that the wild west fest is put on by the local government?

        • Joe

          I must have missed something here. When did any politician, ever say anything about taking away guns. When? Seriously, I’d love to know. Can’t think of an instance? Maybe because NOBODY IS TAKING ABOUT TAKING AWAY ANY GUNS! Apparently you can’t keep your issues straight since this article was about fireworks. Why not throw in something about Benghazi or whatever else Fox news and Limbaugh and Hannity are currently shoveling into your eager mouth? Or maybe you just use solid and logical arguments instead of shouting out “‘merica” and looking like a fool.

          • good

            Joe please run for city counsel.

  • Frank

    Allow the sales, but if it’s too dry, make a resolution to ban shooting them until after the next significant rainfall. Postpone any professional display until that time as well. Win-win.

    • Chris

      Golly, Frank, I think you should run for mayor. You have such GREAT ideas..