Sheriff Harbin: Thank You

HarbinAfter learning the outcome of Tuesday’s special Ellis County sales tax election,  Sheriff Ed Harbin was appreciative. “Thank you to all the voters.”  he told Hays Post. “We are very glad the sales tax passed. Now we can get on with this project. We need it and we need to get it finished.”

The sales tax will fund two projects, a new combined Emergency Medical Services/Rural Fire building, and safety and security improvements to the Ellis County jail and courthouse.

It will  sunset in five years, or when the project is paid off, whichever comes first.  Total costs, with interest, are estimated at $14.3 million dollars. The tax will begin sometime after October 1.

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    Ed’s hot.

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      His single too

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    ^^ heard that

  • you are welcome

    Now I just hope Swede doesn’t take away the ambulance and fire trucks from Ellis like he threatened to do in those meetings since Ellis is keeping there share of the money.

    • hmmm 2

      I hope he does..- Ellis shouldn’t reap any benefits except those they can pay for with the money they kept..

      • Money

        I live in Ellis and I paid plenty to the county in terms of Property Tax for Ambulance service!

  • illbill

    if they really intend to improve the county jail with this money, they should consider building a whole new facility or somehow renovating the current jail floor to allow more space. the current facility is built to house somewhere arnd 30-35 people. theres been times when theyve had to put up to four people on the the floors of a full 7 man 15’x30′ housing area and not just for a day or two but for three to four weeks at a time. also i feel that there should be some kind of rec area for the long term inmates. think about it, youre sitting in the same cramped space for eight months with no room for excercise and no fresh air. i understand that the people in this positionnj are being punished for crimes they have commited “allegedly” 😉 but if the punishment is in anyway physically detrimental to an guest of ellis counties finest bed and brlfst it should be improved upon. no wonder people try to kill themselves up there a few have even suceeded. atleast the emrgncy mngmnt will get their new building though, because theyve got such a large staff and need more room to plan. just a few thoughts of mine i had reading the article. also if they didnt use our tax money on uav drones for the sheriffs dept theyd be able to make a few improvements like the ones mentioned above. lol jkjk SHARDS

    • Hays

      Ah, illbill, looks like you made good use of the free hour you got from your jail cell. Didn’t anyone teach you that the choices you make have consequences? I can’t say I’m too concerned about your comfort. Nor am I interested in paying to give you a rec area. Ever heard of push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks? You’ve got what it takes to be healthy and roam free like the rest of us. It all comes down to choices. And if you’re really interested in your freedom, stop breaking the da** laws and clean your shi** up.

  • illbill