Sales Tax Election Final Results

The unofficial final numbers on the special Ellis County Sales Tax election.

2,603 YES                569 NO              (17.77 % voter turnout)

  • Citizen

    Well I guess the commissioner’s scare tactics worked. I know I will never vote for any of these corrupt commissioners again.

    • american

      Better to pay sales tax then property tax, we are saving property tax for later after Brownback starves the state for income

      • Citizen

        Obviously the scare tactics worked on you. I seen no place on my ballot that gave me an option between sales tax or property tax. It just asked if I wanted to raise the sales tax. You were a good sheeple and did exactly what they wanted.

        • build it

          Not sheeple… more like smart. Dedicated sales taxes are a smart way to pay for necessary infrastructure, especially when you have the retail pull from outside areas that Hays has. Look at the county stickers on license plates at WalMart on any given Saturday. It’s likely that half won’t be EL. Thanks to all our guests for kicking in. This will put sales tax at 8.55% in Hays city limits… in line with Salina (8.2%), Manhattan (8.55%) and Overland Park (8.65%).

          • Yikes

            Have u been to any if those cities? They are trashy. Every single one of them. Just the kinda group I want to be thrown in with. Should have included junction city with that, sheeple.

          • Maybe

            and we have to be in line with other cites re: sales tax, why????

  • voter

    for something this important , it is very disappointing to see the patheticially low numbers of voters that showed up.

    • Citizen

      That is the reason they waited and did an expensive special election. They didn’t want the majority of people voting on it.

      • american

        This was in the news, radio and paper for quite a while. if you didn’t go vote today for or against it , then its there own dam fault. It must be true conservatives live in caves hiding out from the real world

  • ele

    I hate to think how many people think this is a city fire station. It’s for the county fire that’s not staffed.

    • Uncle Thomas

      It is the new pheasants forever office…fire chief needs something to do.

      • american

        What are you saying ? people that live outside hays city limits, that are serve by county fire trucks are pheasants?

        • Outter Limits

          In that case it needs to be “peasants” forever.

        • Yikes

          I believe he means the game bird there fella.

          • fred

            LOL, HAHA someone don’t know the difference HAHA

        • Uncle Thomas

          No what I am saying is the rural fire boss enjoys supporting the outdoors. I believe it is pheasants (not peasants) or maybe it is quail or turkey…cant remember.

  • passin_threw

    If they would of ran it with the school board elections it would of been less voters cause josh Waddell wasn’t registered then

  • Fed Up With High Taxes

    It looks like my family and I will be shopping out of town for at least the next 5 years, probably longer. I wonder what they are thinking of wasting the revenue from the next tax increase on.

    • passin threw

      drive safe bud

    • american

      Looks like you will be spending more on gas then what this tax would cost you, o well I heard that’s there’s good shopping in Loretta

    • Chris

      Spend $75 or more on gas to save half a cent for every dollar you spend from this new sales tax? Hopefully you don’t use those money strategies in your retirement investments.

    • Pfonz

      Hey Fed up,
      Did you ever claculate how much taxes you are going to save when you spend he
      extra gas money going out of town to shop. And most likely the taxes out of town are no less than we will have here ???!!I

  • d

    I agree with American, might as well pay the local sales tax because when brownback gets done with us we will paying even more sales tax. Again the legislature lied to us about sunsetting the current sales tax. Brownback wants it for his follies. The Kansas senate voted to keep the current tax, call Ostmeyer, he’s one of them. The House is still (jokingly) negotiating the issue. Ha! Call Boldra and have her vote against her party. She told me she would vote for what her constituents want. Funny.

    • Citizen

      So let me get your logic strait, you are saying it is good we raised our county sales tax because the state isn’t going to lower the state sales tax. Now I realize why this passed.

      • Yikes

        What’s is bad is people voted Boldra in. I had her as a teacher in high school. She’s a puppet who got there by bad mouthing her opponent and nothing else.
        Phelps isn’t the smartest guy in the world but at least he was on our side.

  • Scott

    A half cent sales tax will really make you shop out of town? I doubt it. I for one am glad I live in a town that is not dying but building and improving for the future.

    • Yikes

      By spending money it doesn’t have? Money they take from us? I’m sorry but I can use every penny I earn. I thought this while national debt problem was from Washington some ins money they don’t have… Then they raise taxes. Same thin happening here people. You won’t like it when they still go ahead and up property taxes to cover costs of everything else they har there dirty noses in.

  • inkslinger

    it would be great if there were places to shop here in hays, oh sure there are, im talking about competition for walmart, oh but wait the no competition clause that walmart got when they built the super center.

    or is that a rumor ? ha ha ha

  • Ellis resident

    So how long is the rumored no competition clause good for?

    • inkslinger

      last i herd was 25 years but who knows it could be longer. but that could be a reason our mall sucks and the only other place is walmart. sure at one time we had a Kmart, Alco, Tempo, Gibsons, safeway, and Dillons, but slowly they went away, Kmart and Alco were the only 2 left, but we allowed walmart to come in and, well you now have walmart and dillons. keep in mind im not counting the little stores that hays has, that charge a lot for the products that they sell, and yes i know why their prices are so high, it is the only they can survive

  • funny

    It’s funny if you actually sit down and do the math. Say The average family spends $500/month on groceries/household goods.. That equals out to $6,000 per year. With the addition of a half percent sales tax, you spend approx an additional $33 more/year on food/household good than you did without the tax. driving to salina 1 time would cost you more in fuel than it would to shop in hays for the entire year. Yes, i agree the projects are not necessary and a huge waste of money but it is what it is. It was voted for by the people and it isn’t going to make or break anyones bank account so quit complaining

    • Yikes

      33.00 would pay for 1 month of school lunches. Instead there will be a new building to park trucks in. Not a fair trade for my son.

    • student

      I guess you never been a student at FHSU before. Minimum wage is the standard in Hays. 160.00 + per square foot to build. Tell me how peoples banks aren’t broke?
      $33.00 was a weeks food when I was a student. But I guess the 1/4 of our population doesn’t matter since they aren’t “residents”.

      • passin threw

        are you really that naive to think that it wouldn’t cost a college student even more had it been added to property taxes?

        • re: passin threw

          My dad has multiple duplexes and housing rentals in Hays and he hasn’t raised rent in 10 years. He doesn’t raise rent cause an AC unit goes out. Some costs are just plain and simple business costs. They don’t ALL have to be passed on to the consumer.
          But I suppose the greedy creeps in town would put the screws to their tenants any chance they get. A property tax increase would have been a good excuse for them I have no doubt.
          And please explain to me the difference in paying a little more rent or more sales tax. Wouldn’t that probably = out? Students shop too ya know.

          • passin threw

            sounds to me like you should be mad as could be at your dad for squandering your inheritance away. that or he was price gouging his tenants so bad 10 years ago that it all equals out now.
            so in the real world of business the landlord would keep his percent of return the same. so when fixed costs go up he would adjust rent accordingly when the lease came due. now variable costs like an AC unit going out are not something any legitimate businessman would raise rent for. he’s already figured that into his gross return so it should be covered.
            here’s my guess on if it would go to property taxes. the cost per month would be in the $10 to $20 range and we all know that rent is typically raised in at least $25 breaks….so that wouldn’t quite equal the same. but in your world if it would equal out then it shouldn’t matter to you if it’s sales tax or property tax driven. right?

  • Uncle Thomas

    Hays/Ellis County will always be mediocre with this mentality! I say leave the 1/2 percent on and continue to make improvements in the county…be progressive! Let’s build a new school every 5 years or remodel/update our schools, let’s continuously improve our streets, let’s continuously improve the leadership of the city and county by recruiting top administrators in their fields, let’s…build windmills…oops brain fart for a moment.

    • Citizen

      No, we would be taxed to death w/ that mentality! If we made this tax permanent, the next time the city/county needed something they failed to plan for, they would raise the sales tax more. The city/county needs to learn to live within there means. They need to learn to plan, save and do stuff when the money is there so we are not forced to spend millions on interest.

      • Uncle Thomas

        The tax would be there accumulating cash so we would not have to pay interest!

        • Citizen

          If they were able to do that they would not be raising the taxes now. The more of our money they take the more of our money they will spend.