KHAZ Country Music News: Trace Adkins Only Skips Over One Song While Listening to His New Album, “Love Will…”

khaz trace adkins 201303050Most artists would never admit it, but Trace Adkins confesses he usually skips over about three or four songs when listening to the albums he’s made in the past. When it comes to his new album of love songs, titled Love Will…, Trace only skips one song. He’s not telling which song that is, but Trace tells ABC News Radio, “There are a few songs that I repeat and play ’em over again. And there’s only one that I skip. So, that’s good for me.”

Since Love Will… consists of 11 love songs, including his collaboration with Colbie Caillat on “Watch the World End,” Trace stretched himself vocally to make sure each track had just the right emotion.

“I’m not relying on clever, funny stuff, you know, redneck anthem type of stuff, you know, songs where you can just holler your way through them,” Trace explains. “These songs have to be sang. They have to be handled with care as all love songs that are really love songs really do.”

While his male fans may feel a little awkward hearing a big guy like Trace sing an album full of love songs, he knows his female fans are going to eat it up.

Says Trace, “This is a chick record. This is a shameless attempt to just go hit women right between the eyes. I’m not even trying to hide it.”

He adds with a laugh, “They’re the ones that buy the record!”

Look for Trace to perform on NBC’s Today show Wednesday and Fox News’ Fox & Friends on Friday.

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