Scam Surfaces Targeting Hays Businesses

scam-alertA recent scam has surfaced involving Hays area businesses. Midwest Energy received a call late Friday afternoon from a (773) area code number, claiming to represent a LaCrosse radio station. The man said he was selling “environmental awareness spots” and proceeded to read a poorly written script written specifically for Midwest Energy.

An advertising package with prices was outlined but when a request for an e-mail outlining the proposal was requested, the man would not comply

Mike Morley, Corporate Communications Manager at Midwest Energy, then contacted an advertising representative from the radio station who stated no such package was being offered.

Morley, says,“These guys get an online directory and will hit a town all at once. Needless to say, we did not buy this ad.”

  • too much corporate power

    Morley, not Morely.

    • Briggs

      Thought the scam alert was about MWE, haha, my mistake. Thought it was about them taking advantage of the people of Hays. Monopoly!