KFIX Rock News: Former Rolling Stones Mgr. Wants Street Named After Beatles Mgr.

stonebeatCould a Liverpudlian be living on Brian Epstein Street soon?   It could happen if former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham has his way.

Epstein, of course, is the late manager who guided The Beatles to the top, and who also gave Oldham his start in the business — hiring the young Andrew as an assistant before Oldham when on to manage the Stones.

And speaking recently at the Liverpool Sound City festival, Oldham said he’d like to see The Beatles’ hometown of Liverpool, England, honor Epstein in some official capacity.  That’s according to ClickLancashire.com.

“I’ve been walking round Liverpool and it doesn’t seem right that we can’t walk up Epstein Street or Brian Epstein Avenue,” Oldham said.

“We have this Epstein Theatre and it’s great, but we need a more public and official tribute.”

The Epstein Theatre, by the way, is on Hanover Street in Liverpool.

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