Result of Midwest Energy Election Not Close

Midwest EnergyBy a nearly three-to-one margin, Midwest Energy members voted to self-regulate, giving the cooperative’s member-elected Board of Directors most of the decision-making authority previously held by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC).

Nearly 50,000 ballots were mailed to members in April. A total of 11,115 completed ballots were returned to Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball of Hays, an independent accounting firm retained to count the ballots and certify the results. The final count was 8,001 members (72%) voting “Yes” to self-regulation, with 3,114 members (28%) voting “No.”

“We were very pleased with the strong ballot response,” said Midwest Energy’s President and General Manager, Earnie Lehman. “We made every effort and took every opportunity to inform members how self-regulation would help our cooperative, and the strong turnout is an indicator we hit our target.”

The drive for self-regulation began in January, with an employee and member education campaign, which used direct mailings, radio, and newspaper ads to outline the proposal. A series of town hall-style meetings were held in Great Bend, Colby, Scott City and Hays in March and April for members who wanted to discuss the proposal in person.

“I appreciate the vote of confidence the membership has placed in our Board,” said John Blackwell, Chair of the Board of Directors for Midwest Energy. “While this ultimately makes our Board more accountable, it positions us better for future opportunities, while eliminating significant overhead costs for our members.”

With the vote, Midwest Energy becomes the 28th of 29 electric cooperatives in Kansas to become self-regulated since the legislature authorized it in 1992.

  • Sure thing

    So MWE held an election and reported the results. How do we know they didn’t make up the outcome?

    • Ceebreezy

      Really, I don’t believe it at all. I wish they had a competitor! Their customer service is awful!

      • BeeCreezy

        Just watch now that this passes, the customer service will still be terrible and they will charge more money.

    • Answer

      We know they didn’t make up the results because the ballots were returned to Adams Brown Beran and Ball for counting.

  • Cousin Johnny

    MWE is member owned so now the members will regulate themselves instead of some buearacrat in Topeka telling us what to do!!!

  • This is going to be good

    Places or people who are in favor of self regulating have a notorious history for doing the exact opposite. Successful enterprises that have outside oversight become more stronger viable business because there forced to adhere to standards and fix problems. What a great idea the Cooperative can do the same level of self regulation that they had been doing before for a half million dollars a year cheaper.
    Lets look at Wall Street that was heavily deregulated in the 90’s and look what happened about 15 years later. One of the worst recessions in U.S. history. Wall Street clearly couldn’t relax lending standards with the framework in place and made absolute assurances it would not and did not want to. Self Regulation would only make the more stronger, viable, and better institutions. they did exactly the opposite with economy and financial market in the world. Theres hundreds of examples just like this and just the mere fact that cooperatives or not that have clear goals and agendeas will stop at nothing to achieve them. By there very design they make the largest amounts of profit they any means they think they can get away with. Its laughable if you think your going to benift from these changes and its going to be a net positive in the end your so wrong. Its one thing if your ship sinks but its another when your the ones that cause it to do that. Midwest should strive to be a model for the industry because of successful compliance with Regulation and be lookedd at as an industry leader instead of doing the exact opposite.