Owner: Despite State Inspection Napoli’s Restaurant Open (Update Saturday)


10:15 a.m. Saturday 5-11-13  Hay Post spoke with Tony Nuredini, owner of Napoli’s. He confirmed the restaurant was inspected but despite the paperwork posted by the state they did not close and are open for business. Another inspection by the state is expected sometime in May.  “When they came to inspect, I was not here. We used to have a different corporation,” Nuredini said. “We changed to a different corporation and didn’t know we had to have new paperwork. If they (the state) wanted to close they could but we have completed the paperwork and are working out details to comply with the state.”


Friday 12:11 p.m.  Napoli’s Italian restaurant, 2522 Vine Street in Hays was voluntarily closed after an inspection by the State Department of Agriculture earlier this month revealed numerous violations. They also had been operating without  an appropriate food establishment license. (click on the Dept. of Ag letter for a closer look.)

Hays Post attempted to contact the restaurant owner/manager. A man named Alex identified himself as someone who was at the restaurant “all the time,” and did not want to discuss the report. He said, “We are open seven days a week.”

Additional details of the inspection include the following.

Fail Notes 2-103.11(B) Persons unnecessary to facility not in food prep, food storage & ware washing areas

[child of employee eating on a prep table at the south wall area of the kitchen.]

Fail Notes 3-501.14(A)(1) P – Cooling PHF-135 to 70°F within the first 2 hours
[cooked lasagna placed in walk in cooler, according to cook at
11:30am, was found to be foiled sealed and at 3:40 pm tested at 100 degree F. COS owner discarded]

Fail Notes 4-601.11A Pf – Food Contact Clean to Sight and Touch
[gallon can opener cut blades with buildup of dried on food debris and
metal shavings built up on the lower edge of the cutting blade and on the gears. COS ]
Fail Notes Pf – Handsink use prohibition
[kitchen west wall hand sink was used to thaw raw sea shell muscles. COS owner discarded ]
Pf – Handwash cleanser provided
[hand cleanser at kitchen west wall hand sink emoty. COS refill dispenser bottle.]
Pf – Hand Drying Provision.
[no hand drying provisions at the kitchen west wall hand sink and the front area waitress station hand sink. COS provided

Fail Notes 4-601.11A Pf – Food Contact Clean to Sight and Touch
[gallon can opener cut blades with buildup of dried on food debris and
metal shavings built up on the lower edge of the cutting blade and on the gears. COS ]

Fail Notes
P – PHF Cold Holding-<41°F [ raw sea shell muscles at 56 located in the bowl of the hand sink in the kitchen, unknown by owner how long they were there. COS discarded garlic and oil mixtures left out at room temperature between lunch and dinner hours. COS discarded and homemade salsa in large metal container in walk in cooler was at 46 COS discarded by owner Individual portion cups taken from box labeled that butter is to be kept refrigerated were in bowls at customers tables at 68 degree F COS removed and discarded] 21. Proper date marking and disposition. ̈ þ Fail Notes 3-501.18(A)(2) P – RTE PHF, Disposition-discard if in a container w/out a date [large metal container of home made salsa in walkin cooler held >
24 hours with no date mark. COS
Fail Notes 7-201.11(B) P – Separation, Storage-chemicals above food, etc.
[one un-capped spray can of [D-G] oven cleaner on wood shelf above
and facing over bag of thawing sea shell muscles at the kitchen hand sink. COS moved]

Fail Notes 3-501.15(A) Pf – Proper cooling methods used for PHF
[shallow metal pan with foil tight seal over cooked Lasagna not
allowed to vent heat off during cooling in the cold hold walk in cooler. COS discarded for additional reason noted in item # 31]

Fail Notes 3-501.13 Proper thawing methods used for PHF
[not thawing properly the sea shell muscles located in the bowl of the
hand sink , noted in item # 20]

Fail Notes 4-302.12 Pf – Food thermometers provided & accessible; Appropriate thermometer for measuring thin foods provided [Owner advised, “he has a food temperature measuring device but said he does not know where it is at.”]

Fail Notes 6-501.112 Removing dead pests
[dead aged spiders, cock roaches and black beetles on a glue board in
used basement area of the building.]

Fail Notes 3-305.11(A)(2)
38. Personal cleanliness.
Food storage-protected from contamination
[south wall make table to the left of the back entry door is located under where water drips are entering from the ceiling and joint/wall area , on this day having moderate light rain conditions. (moved the make table to be protected from water)]

39. Wiping cloths: properly used and stored.
Fail Notes 3-304.14(B)(1) Wet wiping cloths stored in sanitizer
[no wipe cloths stored in santizer.

Fail Notes 3-304.12(B) In-use utensil storage(non-PHF)-handles above food
[using common food beverage glass cups to retrieve salt and sugar
from bulk bags. (No Handles provided )

Fail Notes 4-202.11(A)(2) Pf – Food-contact surface cleanability-free of imperfections
[food grade plastic onion chooper held together with masking tape
because of broke out section of the side wall and two broke out sections at the top lip of the container. COS Discarded]

Fail Notes 4-204.15 Leakproof bearings
[oil leaking from the bearing located under the dough mixer that is
directly above the open mix bowl.]

Fail Notes 4-601.11(C) Nonfood contact surfaces of equipment clean
[ wired metal racks in the walk in cooler have rusty and dried on food
buildup that can fall into foods below.]Fail Notes
Physical facilities maintained in good repair
[exterior walk in cooler with floor in rusty conditon, being covered by cardboard.]
Premises free of unnecessary items
[old equipment no longer in use or owed by the operator are stored in the kitchen and basement.]
Physical facilities clean
[greas pooling and food debris under the deep fat fryer/grill/cooking stoved in the center area of the kitchen.]
Mops allowed to air dry after use
[ wet mop in empty scrub bucket not allowed to air dry.]
54. Adequate ventilation and lighting; designated areas used. ̈ þ
Fail Notes 4-301.14 Ventilation hood adequate to prevent grease & condensation build-up [grease condensation drips forming on the lights/ conduits under the
ventilation hood]

Notes K.S.A. 65-689(a) Operating without a food establishment license
[Operator has not applied for Food License after a change of

NOTICE: Food safety and lodging inspections are unannounced, and inspection results represent only those conditions found in the establishment at the time of the inspection.

  • thanks!

    Thank you for posting this story! These kinds of stories protect the public from eating at place like this. My family and I appreciate knowing where NOT to eat.

    • Stupid

      Just because the doors are open doesn’t mean they should be. State is under staffed in this area and has a huge job with these places

  • Hmmmmmm

    It was just a matter of time. I only ate there once and never returned.

  • Leah

    This post is wrong….I was just there for lunch today. It seemed very clean to me and I’ve never had a bad experience there. We go all the time. There is certainly some mistake in your “reporting”

    • Chris

      Just because the front is clean, doesn’t mean the back is. Just because you don’t like the info, doesn’t make it any less true.

    • The fact that the restaurant voluntarily closed after all of these violations should tell you the owners knew there were issues!

    • Sure thing

      The information is correct. It is on the state website

      • weeden

        Obviously wasn’t.

  • Hays

    I’ve eaten there many times and the food has been great! We’d probably all be a bit shell-shocked to know what goes on in the restaurants we frequent. Have to remember most are only checked once a year!

    • Uncle Thomas

      “Hays” thank you for your wisdom and participation in the Hays Post.

      • Hays

        Uncle Thomas, this is not the same hays you were debating with on a different post. But insulting someone you think is the same person on a different article and a comment that was left nearly a month ago shows your ill thought in your need to “hold people accountable.”

      • Hays

        I could just as easily also call myself “Uncle Thomas.” Mere coincidence.

  • BB


    • :)

      Stop yelling at me.

    • weeden

      General rule of thumb is if the bathrooms are dirty the kitchen is dirty and vice versa.

  • too much corporate power

    The Hays Daily News is reporting that Napoli’s is NOT closed. http://www.hdnews.net/news/Napolisweb051013

    • Say what?

      Can’t read Hays Daily free. How can the place be open when the state document says they had to shut down? Same way they operated without a license. Ignore the state. Perfect.

    • Foody

      Can’t read Hays Daily because i don”t subscribe but this restaurant may be “open” but they are just playing games.

  • Why??

    Having been in the restaurant business for over 10 years, I can tell you if they get inspected once a year- thats about average. I too have eaten at this establishment, and found the food good. There is no excuse for not having a license though,- wonder if they have there liquor license yet? If it just changed ownership, then the new people better get busy if the wish to keep serving. I wish the HDN would post all restaurant inspections like the Salina Journal does.
    When the inspectors come, they almost always find something to cite you for- therefore a lot of places leave something minor for them to find, so they’ll get out sooner. Its all a game sort of.
    Dont get me wrong- Im glad they’re out there.

  • Napoli’s

    This is getting quite out of hand. We are open, we were open all day yesterday and we will open again in about an hour. We did not close voluntarily or by force. If the health department wanted to close a restaurant, they would be closed. We are happy to comply with the procedures and corrections laid out in the inspector’s report. We appreciate having professionals come in and tell us what could be done better or in a safer way and like all restaurants we have inspections, we fix what needs to be corrected and we move on. Our concern is the misinformation on this website and the singling out of our restaurant. We hope that we’re not the only, just the first restaurant Hays Post will post inspections of, but we hope next time they will stick to the facts. they should also understand that a report is filled with jargon that the restaurant and the state decipher, but can, for example make it seem that a restaurant changed owners and operate illegally with no food license when in reality it means that we didn’t re-do the paperwork when we changed the official name of our incorporation.

    • Frank

      More award winning journalism from HP

      • Say what?

        Pretty simple story. Owner claims he was not there so ignore it

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