Ellis County Leads The Way

Oil and Gas(AP) – Data from the Kansas Geological Survey show oil production in Kansas last year was up over 2011, but natural gas production was down.

Officials with the survey, based at the University of Kansas, report the 43.7 million barrels of oil produced last year were the most since 1995. The oil had a value of $3.7 billion.

The survey also reported that Kansas natural gas production declined from 312 billion cubic feet in 2011 to slightly less than 300 billion cubic feet last year, a drop of 4 percent. The value of the gas declined 34 percent last year to about $790 million.

Ellis County was the state’s largest oil producer with 3.6 million barrels in 2012. Stevens County produced the most natural gas, with 40 billion cubic feet.

  • http://hayspost.com ????

    You would think with all that oil revenue and tax money the county collects because of the oil our property taxes would be much lower and there would be plenty of money for a jail and fire/EMS station.
    I wonder where all the $19 million the county collects in taxes goes?

    • Damn right

      Taxpayers in Ellis County are getting ripped off. With this news i am voting against that sales tax

  • inkslinger

    we have to pay for a ‘AQUATIC PARK” that’s broken, a vine street that doesn’t need to be tore up, a sports complex that drunk softball players can use as their personal trash can. and people wonder why our kids grow up here and move away never to come back

    • Reality Check

      Actually, they move away because of the lack of decent jobs and the desire to be in a larger area with more progressive attitudes, better shopping, better nightlife, better cultural opportunities and more opportunities to meet other people like them.

  • http://hayspost.com Cousin Johnny

    We spend $700 per person in Ellis County, I wonder how that compares to other counties in the area?