Governor thanks State employee for saving taxpayer money

Sam BrownbackGovernor Sam Brownback, on behalf of Kansas taxpayers, today presented Chris Simons with a check for $1,025. Simons, who works in the Kansas Department of Administration, suggested the installation of motion activated paper towel dispensers. Her idea saved the State of Kansas $10,255 last year.

“I am delighted to present Chris with this check to reward her dedication to her job and commitment to Kansas taxpayers,” said Governor Brownback. “Chris’ suggestion has reduced costs and the amount of trash in our landfills.”

Brownback has put a renewed focus on the State’s Employee Suggestion Program, which rewards employees who suggest an idea that saves the State money over a documented 12-month period. The employee receives ten percent of the savings, the agency receives ten percent and the remaining balance of the first-year savings goes to the State General Fund. All future savings are realized 100 percent by the State.

Interim Secretary of Administration Mark J. McGivern said he was proud of Simons and the work of the entire agency.

“Chris Simons implemented this idea because it was the right thing to do for Kansas taxpayers. She and numerous colleagues in the Department of Administration come to work every day dedicated to making government more efficient and less complicated,” McGivern said.

Simons, who has worked for the State of Kansas 13 years, received an oversized check from Brownback and a certificate of appreciation.

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    i got a suggestion, lets get rid of browna$$ that should save us millions . pay me now browny



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    Really? Really? Really! We installed them on our campus 5 years ago!!